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Tuesday, September 02, 2008 Denise, Community Member, asks

Q: I have severe burning in both feet. Can Sciatic nerve damage cause this?

My Podiatrist & Chiropractor seem to think it is my sciatic nerve at the L5 location.  Does anyone have any experience with this?  Walking seems to alleviate it.


I have had one accupuncture and back-cracking treatment.  Should I see a "mainstream" physician; and if so, what kind?



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c, Community Member
9/ 2/08 7:26pm

I too have issues like this...grrr, I 'feel' your pain.  I do not suggest 'back cracking' techniques of any kind.  I tried accupuncture and herbals many years ago, unfortunately these did not work for me.  However that certainly does not mean you should disregard them, give them a try, it may work for you.  I would also suggest seeing a 'mainstream' physician.  He can do some tests and see if there is anything else going on in your lower lumber area.  Maybe even a referral to a Rheumalogist where he can do a bone scan, not a bad idea I found out if your over the age of 35.

Good luck to you


Terry Byrd, Community Member
9/28/10 9:32am

I also have burning in both feet...sometimes severe...been going on for over 9 months..I have been to all sorts of Doctors..everyone thinks Neuropathy...I think I know my both beter and I think its from Sciatic nerve..when I bend over just right and stand its a terrible pain for a few mins and then eases....first time it happened I thought I was going to have to call rescue...the burning is mostly in the balls of my feet...


Worse part is I am someone who has never had a health issue...thank God...and I am 64 yrs old....


Anyone agree this could be from my sciatic nerve?.....





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