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Monday, November 29, 2010 Regina Lilley, Community Member, asks

Q: Can I get Darvocet N-100 from Canada?

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Regina Lilley, Community Member
5/23/12 4:28pm

Everyone needs to remember that regardless of whether you are left or right if you want to continue having access to your medications you need to vote Obama out. It is his appointees who had Darvocet removed and they are only holding off until the election before they start removing a boat load of medications. They also are going to take away Tylenol and Ibuprofen, and all the vitamins and supplements that people take. One example is only the elite rich will be able to afford Vitamin C. They will take Aspirin also. Dr. Sidney Wolfe is a very dangerous person, he advocates the removal of ALL pills. Thats right ALL pills. He is right out of 1930's Germany, and he has been hired by Margaret Hamburg to help the FDA. When the Breast Cancer patients were begging for their Avastin the patients asked the drug company to sue the FDA and Kathleen Sebelius (Head of Health and Human Services) and another Obama appointee told the drug company that if they sued the FDA she and Hamburg would make sure that no other medicine that they would put forward would EVER be approved again! Thug politics at its best! And at the end of all of this is where we the people stand. WE THE PEOPLE! WE THE PEOPLE! We are left out of the power struggle and no one cares how much we suffer. The first line in the hypocratic oath that Doctors take is "First do no harm". Hamburg and Sebelius do nothing but harm, and if you want your medications back then we need to stand together regardless of left or right, we need to stand together and vote Obama out so we can have a chance at gaining our medications back. If Hamburg and Sebelius are allowed to continue they will have all of us imperfect people put away! We are just steps away from this! So please lets UNITE as Americans who need our medicines.


ethel, Community Member
1/22/11 2:34am

Can I get Darvocet N-100 from Canada?

Fran Alba, Community Member
3/18/11 1:41am

I have chronic pain to my back , hips, knees and ankles from Rheumatoid Arthritis and Darvocet-100 is the one drug that helps the pain and allows me to work while taking it. It is now ununavailable in the USA, was wonderfing about ordering it from Canada. Is it available?

Regina Lilley, Community Member
8/ 2/11 9:57pm

I am soo sorry for your can thank Dr. Sidney Wolfe of an organization called Public Citizen at He is a Doctor with a God complex. He wants to be able to dictate to everyone what they can take and what they cannot and he is enormously successful because of Dr. Margaret Hamburg who is the head of the FDA. They are together in removing every drug on the market, no joking about it, Hamburg recently has had a very wonderful drug called Avastin removed from the market and taken away from Breast Cancer patients and she has condemned them to death and she didn't blink an eye. These poor women were begging a panel of "self righteous do gooders" to please let them keep their medicine to no avail. Dr. Margaret Hamburg is an appointee of Obama and she has a directive to remove as many drugs as possible from the people, because when you control the peoples medicine you control the people. Your only hope to get our medicine back is to vote him out of office, and then they will appoint someone else to head the FDA. Go to a website called and support them because they are trying to do away with the FDA and let us make our decisions about medicine with our Doctors without any government involvement. The FDA recently tried to ban a drug that had been on the market for over 50 years, saying it "could be dangerous" and they encountered some resistience. But during the process, one of the "Big" drug companies made a deal with the FDA. So the FDA shut down all the generic makers of this drug and gave the right to be the only maker of this drug to the "big" drug company. The price of this drug went from $4 a month to over $200.00 a month. This is corruption at its best! Obama doesn't even try to hide it anymore and neither does Hamburg. Don't get me wrong, I hate ALL politicians, I am neither right nor left, but one thing I do know, if we don't get rid of Obama we will never get our medicine back. Our only chance is to get rid of him and Hamburg and give the people back the power over their own medicine. Dr. Sidney Wolfes' list of medicines to get rid of is a long one, and he will come for yours shortly. We need to ban together and unite against the government controlling our medicines. What they are doing has nothing to do with safety and everything to do with money and politics.


Mary, Community Member
8/ 3/11 1:47am

I am well aware of Dr. Sidney Wolfe. I remember when started hiscrusade against 'drugs you should not take" He was pushing his book back then. I also agree about the 'money' angel " to this. There isn't any profit for  a $4.00 pill when you must get a brand spanking new expensive one. My doctor is also angry about this. By removing Darvocet N-100 he says patients will now have to go to stronger drugs most likely containing opiates which opens up another problelm. I was given Tramadol for the back pain arthritis in my feet, migraines and it is a BAD drug. First it does not relieve pain, secondly  it make me nauseated and worst of all it makes me itch. About 30 minutes after after taking the pill I started with the itching and it is continous. I itch in places no one should have to scratch. This continues for hours.  I thank you for the and will pass this along on Facebook. So many people took this med and now are going to stronger more dangerous drugs or meds that just don't work.  I also agree with about politions. We here in the USA have just been through a farcicle budget debate that made was nothing more than an 'I know what is good for you' promotions.  Again I will pass the website alone in hopes of someone exposing Dr. Wolfe for the fraud he is. It is 1:43 am here in Georgia USA and I am sitting here with a headache just happened upon your posting.

Regina Lilley, Community Member
8/ 3/11 10:55am

Spreading the word is the best defense, if we could get him exposed on TV it would be even better. People in this country need to wake up, the FDA answers to no one and can do what they want. They have devastated millions of the lives of MS patients and Lupus patients with the removal of Darvocet and they don't care, as usual their focus has become money and not protecting the people. Dr. Sidney Wolfe is a very dangerous character, he has a God complex and he is operating exactly like 1930's Germany and we need to tell everyone we can. I am trying to find out who funds this jackass organization because they need to be exposed also.

Mary, Community Member
8/ 3/11 12:44pm

I have gone to I will post on facebook and my space. As I said I remember Dr. Wolfe. He wroten an book about medicines that were dangerous. He got a lot of media play and I know people that stopped taking his "dangerous meds" just because he put them in his book. My husband also is at risk because of this fool. He has a pituitary tumor due to exposure to agent orange  in Vietnam. The med he was taken was withdrawn from the market. So now we just WAIT AND  SEE! He has blood work and cat scans. I guess we are waiting to see how big this tumor gets before he needs surgery. Again it is critical that the word gets passed on to the general public. I am happy for my head ache that kept me up so I could find the posting.

Regina Lilley, Community Member
8/ 3/11 10:08pm

Here is a copy of a letter I just received:


Dear Ms. Lilley


Thank you for writing to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  Your electronic message dated June 13, 2011, to the FDA Consumer Health Information Staff was forwarded to my office in the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) for a response. 


The FDA recognizes your desire for continued access to propoxyphene and sympathizes with patients who relied on the pain relief effects of these products prior to its withdrawal. FDA has a mechanism through which it may grant individual patients who need propoxyphene continued access.  However, before your physician can submit an access request, they must first ensure that a manufacturer is willing to provide the drug.


The FDA has made preliminary contact with manufacturers of propoxyphene-containing products and has not been able to locate a US source to supply these products for patients under an access program. 


While a manufacturer may agree to individual requests from patients or their doctors, FDA cannot require drug makers to make drugs available under an access program. We understand your concerns, and apologize for the difficulties this withdrawal is causing.  Thank you again for submitting your comments regarding this issue.  They are much appreciated and have been noted.




Donald Dobbs
Consumer Safety Officer
Division of Drug Information
Office of Communications
Center for Drug Evaluation and Research


Julie Epley, Community Member
12/16/11 9:44pm

Ms. Lilley, I just came across your letter today. I suffer from chronic neck pain & fibromyalgia. Since I have so many drug allergies, Darvocet was the only drug that gave me relief. Ironically, today I received the same letter with the exact wording about how they sympathize with patients who relied on propoxyphene & about obtaining an access request if the physician can ensure that a manufacturer is willing to provide the drug. I will be glad when Obama is gone too. Government needs to get out & stay out of our business. I started needing Darvocet in 1998 after an auto accident that left me with 2 herniated disc & a 2 level cervical fusion. I would really like to know if I can get Darvocet in Canada too.  In my letter to(CDER) I stated that there are much more dangerous drugs on the market than Darvocet, but they still sell. I hope that I have found a group of people that can add my name to the list of complaints about being told what drugs I can & cannot take.

James Miles, Community Member
8/ 2/11 1:28pm

Can I get darovcet N 100 in Canada?

kathy emenecker, Community Member
5/23/12 2:02am

Cronic back pain.  my doctor rec. to go on the internet and said i could get them there,  I took them for years..please advise


Kathy Emenecker

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