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Friday, September 05, 2008 Rayne, Community Member, asks

Q: How to stop itching and pain from staph/MRSA infection?

I contracted staph from a hospital and was diagnosed with a MRSA infection. I took a course of antibiotics for 10 days and was feeling better until I completed the antibiotic course. Then my joints, back, legs, head - you name it - HURT.  I have not slept, other than an hour here and there, in a week. Should I request another antibiotic or go to the ER? Also, should I call ahead and say I may have an infectious disease? I need to do something within the next 24 hours because the pain is off the chart.

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9/ 5/08 5:50pm

Since you do not feel better after finishing antibiotics, you should seek immediate medical attention. Going to the ER would be a good choice because your infection sounds wide spread. Tell them as soon as you get there that you have skin MRSA. This requires "contact" isolation, so try not to touch anything in public until the infection is gone. In the hospital, nurses, docs and visitors will be required to use a gown and gloves when near you.


At home, your friends and family members should wash their hands frequently when they come in contact with you. Clean your house with disinfectant surface cleaners.


Here are some links you might find helpful as you're dealing with this:


What are Superbugs? A HealthCentral Explainer

Staph Infections

MRSA (overview)


Good luck.

Dr. Christina Lasich, MD


Rick, Community Member
2/24/10 4:19pm

I have it mrsa and have had it for two years and hurt all the time from head to toe. Everytime I move it seems like it takes all my energy and do not feel like doing anything, They have put me on Methadone, diladid, morphine and none of it works. when I go to the hospital they just pump me full of pain medicine in which doesnt help at all. They also told me just to go home and just get on hospice and wait to die. They said at least hospice would try to keep me comfortable. If you find anything out about pain relief please post.

Aaron, Community Member
7/ 4/10 6:20am

Rick i fear i may be dealing with this myself. ive been a diabetic since age 9 i am 35 now. well in 2009 i developed what teh ER called cellulitis in my right shin below hte kneecap. did the IV antibiotic treatment as well as oral antibiotics. it seems to have helped. scar is still there. but other than that looks ok. UGLY but okay. fast forward. well 2 months ago, left leg, same area. i went to ER. several actually who did ABSOLUTELY nothign. i overheard em saying drug seeking behaviour. MMC in oak ridge tn, and st marys north in knoxvilletn.  my muscles in both legs are locked up. i can walk on them, but when standing, becomes painful. the sore in left leg, after a trip to doctor, gave me an antibiotic paste to put on it, the sore is ringed black/brown, the sore itself however , when scabs over is a tad pus filled. and smells odd when dressing changed. i am low income, and cannot afford doctor visits all teh time. ( am also uninsured too :(. and now this back pain in my lower  back near belt line, has been constant for 3 weeks now. and a slight seizure i think the other night. if i turn th wrong way, sometimes i lose my legs for a split second, and almsot fall.  but teh sore however is what concerns me. but cannot seem to get help from teh ER. only thign i end up with is another almost 1k bill. i dont know what to do


jan, Community Member
5/10/11 9:28pm



I recommend to go to a natural doctor. I have been going and they put me on 3 different kinds of herbs to boost my amune system so that the mrsa can not attack as easily.


I do have outbreaks but not as often or as bad anymore. For the last five years I have had 6 or 7 outbreaks but in the last year since I have been taking the herbs I have had one bad outbreak and a couple little outbreaks.


I feel that the herbs are helping alot.



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