• Rayne Rayne
    September 12, 2008
    Constipation Caused by Medications =)
    Rayne Rayne
    September 12, 2008


    Other than what the Dr's suggest; increase water & fiber intake, exercise, or over the counter remedies (ok, laxatives), what do people take (or do) for constipation caused by pain medications? Laughing




  • Beatingthepain September 13, 2008
    September 13, 2008

    Kat, Group:

    I also had to learn how to 'aid' in elimination from this drug, and I have to tell you, your doctor told you the best advice that there could be given about it.  Do drink lots of water, not sodas, or other 'watery' drinks, water itself is the best. In addition, eat lots of fiber, and exercise, as well as being good for you, it keeps the insides moving normally.

    I like to eat spicey foods, and that sometimes helps with the regularity issue, as well as gives flavor to foods. Sometimes when we take drugs like 'contin, we lose some taste sensation, and this type of food will help give flavor to our meals.

  • Morgan September 12, 2008
    September 12, 2008


          I have found that MiraLAX has helped me the most when it comes to dealing with constipation from pain medication.Good luck : )

                                                      Wishes of good health,


  • libralynn September 20, 2008
    September 20, 2008

    colace is a good stool softner. Also if you are extremely , extremely constipated you could try magnesium citrate, it is usually on the bottom shelf of the drug store, or sometimes in a regular store. It is very cheap too. It comes in two flavors, lemon and cherry. I usually refridgerate it first, easier to drink. You dont have to drink the whole bottle. Half will usually work. Drink alot of water after. Dont leave your house, stay near the bathroom. It works pretty fast, but you will fill so much better. Hope one of these options will help. My girlfriend had back surgery like i did , I told her about it , and boy did she feel so much better afterwords. Good luck. Its a faster remedy than just water and fiber. Even though it works sometimes you cant wait that long. Have a nice day. Laughing

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