• Frances Frances
    October 29, 2008
    Right side flank pain?
    Frances Frances
    October 29, 2008

    For the past three weeks I have had radiating right flank pain. I'm not running a fever, have no blood in my urine, and am not vomiting. A test showed that I have a UTI, and I'm on painkillers and prednisone. A back and front CT scan were all normal. What's wrong with me?



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  • Bzyhon December 14, 2008
    December 14, 2008

    I have had the same condition for 3 mos.   It started in the right flank, soon followed with constant crawling nerve ending sensation.  Muscle  weakness has followed.  Pains in my back and sides, varied intensity.  Cscan, blood tests prove negative. Takng ibuprofn 800 and vicodin on severe occasions.  Weight loss has just begun.

  • concerned January 05, 2009
    January 05, 2009

    I've had the same pain for about a month now.  I was told by my ob/gyn that it may be gal bladdar stones. im having an ultra sound next week to find out. 

  • Frances December 14, 2008
    December 14, 2008

    This is frances writing. i had to go to the hospital for a week, pain killers just mask the pain. the pain was coming from my bladder, enlarged and containing bacteria.  now i catherize and am on antibiotics, low dosage.

    my bladder is enlarged so daily catherize and measure the ccs, keeping it under 200 by night time.  all the pain is gone.  its been a hard road but a urologist diagnosed it finally. there is no cure or surgury.  i am still grateful.  pain killers dryed my skin and constipated me which added to the problem.

    please post this.

  • John G. October 30, 2008
    John G.
    October 30, 2008

    Thanks for your question. It seems like you are already on the right track to figuring out this problem by seeing your doctors. Obviously they can better address the situation than an anonymous person on the internet, so you should continue on under their watch.


    For some more ideas of what could cause this pain, you may want to try using this symptom checker. I hope this helps.

  • Amy Tudor July 30, 2014
    Amy Tudor
    July 30, 2014

    Hi there, Frances -


    Sorry to come into this so far from you first posting this, but I read it and wondered if you'd ever found out what was causing this mysterious pain? Was it something related to your UTI? If you did find out, perhaps you could come back and tell us what the diagnosis and treatment were? It might be helpful to others who have the same symptoms. 


    Here are some articles on our site you might like, in any case.  Be well!


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