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Tuesday, December 01, 2009 Ferrit Wild, Community Member, asks

Q: Pain in left side and numbness in left hand and both feet

I have a few things going on.  I have a severe pain in my left side that comes and goes.  My doctor put me on two antiboditics for 7 days, when did nothing.  I'm not on some other medicine to help with my constipation problems.  I really have to strain to go, and it's usually small, thin, and a brownish yellow.  It sometimes is flat on one side, like it as cut in half.  I also have a bad back from throwing it out 24 years ago.  I just threw it out again this weekend standing up from kitchen chair.  It usually goes out, or spasms for the dumbest things, like putting on socks, sitting up, etc. I also have numbness in my left hand and fingers, and both feet.  I've also experienced this sensation of senitivity in my skin, on the back of my thigh, in front of my pelvis, and just this weekend in the back of my upper left arm.  It took three days for it to finally stop hurting so bad.  I can still feel where it hurt, but I can stand touching it now, or having it touched. I don't have noticable blood in stool, I only feel hot when I have a heat flash like, but I do feel like something isn't right, and I have felt lightheaded or dizzy when standing for too long.  It goes away after sitting for awhile, or laying down. 


Please help with any ideas of what I need to do. My confidence in my regular doctor isn't all there.  He thinks it's all in my head.  (Wishful thinking)

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By Ferrit Wild, Community Member— Last Modified: 12/01/09, First Published: 12/01/09