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Sunday, June 21, 2009 Libby, Community Member, asks

Q: Where to find doc in ohio who isnt afraid to prescribe methadone.

Ive been living with pain for several years tried everything until i met a doctor who prescribed me methadone. I had to quit going to this doctor because they no longer take my insurance. The new doctor i go to now wants me to try yoga, nerve blocks, botox injections,etc. She doesntly believe in medications. Methadone has saved my quality of life. I take 3 10mg.a day and am able to have a happy normal, life with no side effects from the medications. She dropped my meds to only 2/day. and now im in pain again. Not to mention she tells me what shes going to do with out asking my opinion and barely talks to me its rush,rush,rush. I need a Pain Management doctor in ohio that isnt afraid to prescribe methadone. All my other doctors werent. My family doctor even did for me til i found her. But he just knows i need a pain doc. Anyone have any advice. Thanks in advance.

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Karen Lee Richards, Health Guide
6/26/09 6:43am

I don't personally know any pain managment doctors in Ohio, but here is a link to a site where you can search for pain management specialists by state:


I hope you're able to find someone who can help you!

michael, Community Member
6/12/12 3:19pm








My name is Michael and I am having a similar problem finding a doctor in Ohio for pain medication/management who isn't afraid to prescribe methedone which also has increased my quality of life.  Did you find a doctor in Ohio?




Citizenk, Community Member
1/ 7/14 8:18am

You must go to my pain clinic, my doctor told me his plans for me after years of having a liveable life. this is the war on pain my friend . We are all simply addicts . its easier to get methadone for addiction than for Pain , I fear thats where alot of pain patients will end up, pretending to be addicts to get appropropriate pain relief. Everyone will believe your an addict but not that your a chronic pain sufferer. I am sick of it and seriously about to sue the state. its ridiculous. Im being patient with my doctor to see where it ends up but I know precisely what I need for adaquete pain relief and I am even willing to suffer a bit if thats what they want but when push comes to shove and i lose my lively hood due to be a cripple I will make waves . this nation is sick.

Citizenk, Community Member
1/ 7/14 8:31am

have you ever even called around ohio for a pain doctor, they will say immediately that such and such doctor is not taking patients on narcotics. lol. these are pain management doctors for gods sake. you will see many doctors in ohio trying to get patients on 80mg morphine equivelent or less . whioch means every 5 mg of methadone is 20 mg of morphine equivelent. that means your docotor is goint to take your down to 4= 5mg of methadone=80 mg of morphine. he will do this not because he thinks you dont need more, he will do this so the dea leaves him alone.  Man I get so angry when i see what they are doing. In ohio you will hear on the news and law enforcement agencies saying the problem with heroin in ohio is due to people who start on pain management. LOL. so pain patients become heroin addicts ... Heroin addicts start as addicts period. but i bet you will see that now , my vet does not hesitate to prescribe pain meds to my dog , but yet we are human beings and we have to deal with this. At my pain clinic the clinic is also being sued big time because of one of the doctors and my goodness has my doctor become a total jerk, like you he doesnt even listen to me he just says this is what it is and "its coming" this is war and its time we start to fight , start by signing the petition against PROP that is trying to limit painmanagemnet to 90 days period. Last time i was at my doctor he asked maybe i should consider surgery , it broke my heart because it are the surgeons that sent me to pain management , he doesnt even know why im there. hes a quack and maybe he is a crook or a bad doctor , maybe some of these pain doctors are just idiots , I dont know but there are alternatives to withdrawl that are legal and that will be 10 times better than suboxone. DO NOT GO ON SUBOXONE EVER. there is a natural herb that will not only completely eliminate withdrawl but will give you some pain relief and allow you to not skip a beat. please email me directly and i will direct you to where you can get it. AGAIN it is perfectly legal in the untied states but BIG Pharma does not want you to know about it.

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