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Saturday, April 24, 2010 j b, Community Member, asks

Q: after having meniscus surgery on my left knee, 5-months later,still in pain and gives, why?

after having meniscus surgery on my left knee,5-months ago,still in pain,and gives,why?and my right knee is in constant pain(i shift my weight alot when walking ,or any pt.) and i allso am having lower back pain..whats going on?

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Earl Roberts, Community Member
4/29/10 1:47pm

I had the same outcome as you after having the same surgery on my left knee in 1993.  My situation, considered tragic by many happens almost never.  I got some questions for you if this is OK?  Is the pain same as pre-op or worse?  Do you have new symptom?  How is your right knee and hips?  Do the soles of your footwear wear evenly?  Are you ambulating on crutches?  I would like to converse with you via this web-site or email (earl-roberts@comcast.net).  I have a story that all though very tragic, you could benefit by learning what mistakes to avoid and how to make the right moves, increasing your chances of a complete recovery and getting on with your life.  If I could help one person in any small way to come to a positive outcome maybe this would help me see something positive result from my misfortune.  I hope things work out for you.

                                                                         Earl D. Roberts

SunnyD, Community Member
5/ 2/10 4:11am



I am in a similar situation, also 5 months later and things are a bit better, but not what I'd expected.  I'm not sure I trust my doctor to know what's going on.  The pain changes, and one day is fine, the next is annoying in one way, and the next, annoying in a different way.  I got the surgery done and the damaged lateral and medial meniscal tissue removed so that I wouldn't end up re-injuring it so much that most of the meniscus would eventually need to be removed, thereby predisposing me to arthritis.  Well, now it seems that just the amount taken out for the surgery seems to have brought on the arthritis.  Meanwhile, the other knee is becoming stiff and uncomfortable.  Earl Roberts, from the post above, seems to have a story to tell.  And I'd also be curious as to your pain and what it was like before the surgery vs. after. 


Sorry if my post is in the wrong place.  I'm new here.  Thanks!

Earl Roberts, Community Member
5/ 3/10 10:36am

I made the mistake of sticking with Kaiser and too many surgeons that only looked at the surface of the issue.  In the end I lost both my legs above-the-knee.  I deal with severe nerve-damage caused by the first surgery in 1993.  And, am now dealing with bad shoulders from years of using a wheelchair.  I am at my wits end.  If you have any doubt about your surgeon.  Look else where for a second or third opinion.  I think you may have deeper issues that came to the surface with your knee issues.  If your legs are not aligned correctly this will cause uneven wear of both your knees.  A good ortho can watch you walk and recognize problems that you may not be aware of.  I made the mistake of sticking with an HMO that lacked the high quality surgeons, that an individual like yourself needs.  Good luck,  Earl  Keep conversing with me, I would like to know how you do?

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