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Q: Can RSD/CRPS and/or Fibromyalgia be present for 30 years before fully kickin in?

I was in a near fatal head on mini-bike vs. car crash in '71 and another car vs. car in '90 both followed by unfounded unresolved pain & other problems. In '02 following surgery for an elbow tendon tear the unfounded unresolved problems exploded now involving multiple areas never injured and was later identified as RSD/CRPS and later Fibromyalgia was added. Of course the LTD insurance bandits and the SSA latched on to the negative & minimal testing and I am now a liar and Doc is an idiot. The question is could all those unidentifiable problems dating back to '71 have possibly been the RSD type junk just teasing me until kicking in 110% in '02? Many signs match but others don't. I adjusted to and worked a very nice Industrial Maintenance job for over 30 years until my very high pain tollerance level was exceeded. Whatever it is has cost me everything but my life. You other folks out there, don't count on the SSA following their own SSR 03-02p (October 20, 2003). They don't have to play fair. And don't count on getting much out of a lawyer with the $5300 cap. I am still not sure Doc has this right or if it is all a name game of the unknown.

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Cort, Health Guide
3/28/10 6:43pm

Fibromyalgia is typified by widespread body pain. It's believed caused when the pain processing sections of the brain mysteriously upregulate - often in response to a single incident. At the same time it appears that the pain inhibiting mechanisms in the brain down regulate. If you had mysterious pain after you'd purportedly been healed then I would think it's quite possible that your pain regulating system started getting out of whack years ago and it finally into what is FM or RSD. 


Disability is still a difficult process for many people with these types of diseases. I wish you the best of luck! 

GWN_54, Community Member
3/29/10 8:35pm

And I thought you could only blame a machine problem on FM.  My Full Academic Scholarship to Princeton Board Certified in Family Practice 'idiot' for decades told me about the same thing (he dumbed it down for me) six years ago.  He said it was RSD.  Then neurosurgeon friend of his decided it should be CRPS.  Next neurosurgeon wouldn't call it anything she couldn't cut.  Lack of a diagnosis code turned it into Generalized Pain.  The fibromyalgia was added to it last year.  This gets viewed by the disability folks much like the start of a new event each time they do the name thing.  This BS just keeps on rolling on & on & on...  Thanks for the luck.  I need da good stuff.    


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