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Monday, May 17, 2010 LLL, Community Member, asks

Q: Why morphine?

My sister was recently prescribed morphine. I am concerned that her illness is serious. Could she have cancer? Why would a doctor prescribe such a powerful drug to someone? I don't understand , because she hasn't really explained what exactly is wrong with her.    Worried Sister

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BobinmidMO, Community Member
5/17/10 2:41pm

The reason your sister had some morphine given was because the doctor thinks this is the best solution for her current problem.  As far as what the reason might be, I'd ask your sister.  If she's telling you the medication she's taking, then she'll share what the problem is.  I wouldn't assume the worse because morphine can be used for a few days or for years on end.  Don't go shopping for problems - don't worry, enough come our way without us looking for more.


Instead just be glad that your sister has a doctor who cares and who's taking care of the problem at hand.  Things will work out, it just takes time.  Bob.

LLL, Community Member
5/17/10 5:23pm

Bob, thank you for answering my question. I just hope that you are right. Asking her isn't really an option, because she is a compulsive liar! But I can see that she is definately not well. Lana

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