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Saturday, August 02, 2008 owmywristhurts, Community Member, asks

Q: What's wrong with my wrist?? Lots of pain, no bruising or swelling.

I cannot bend my wrist forward or backwards due to a severe amount of pain. I can move it sideways (imagine waving with just your hand from left to right) with less pain. It feels stiff and sore when I don't move it. There is no swelling and no bruising. Compared to my other wrist, the underside feels almost 'mushy', compared to the tight feeling of muscles/tendons in my other wrist. What's wrong? I did nothing to injure it, it just started hurting!

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Karen Lee Richards, Health Guide
7/30/14 10:57am

Wrist pain can be caused by a number of things such as tendinitis, repetitive stress, arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome.  The only way to know for sure what is causing it and how best to treat it is to see your doctor.

wesselj, Community Member
10/20/08 10:42am

Thank you for your post. Try out our symptom checker to see what your symptoms might mean.

trendzy, Community Member
11/27/08 10:18pm

Hey i am tiana and i hurt my wrist no swelling i dont know what to do.

Joy, Community Member
4/19/09 10:42am

If you find out, please let me know.  I have the same problem in my r wrist. It feels like I've broken my wrist.  One dr said it was arthritis, but I've never had arthritis like this.  The pain is severe, and I'm very limited as to what I can do now with this hand.  My left wrist is painful too, but not nearly as bad as the right.


JayBear, Community Member
7/25/09 2:03pm

Hey there! I'm fairly sure I can help you here. I had the same problem and its really just being conscious of what causes it. It's very simple to prevent...and it takes a few days.


When you sleep...sleep in a way that forces your wrists to be straight and in line with your hands. Hands and wrists locked flat under the pillow worked for me. Do this every night and be conscious of it. Think to yourself "I need to keep my wrist straight while I sleep." It totally works!


If you can't do that, simply go buy a splint or wrist guard. Thank me later. ;o)


Good luck.

JayBear, Community Member
7/25/09 2:11pm

Sorry I didn't explain...but what happens is that when you're probably contort your wrist(s) when you asleep. This stresses the all parts of your wrist because of the weight and pressure of your body or even just your head. I used to curl mine underneath my chin and complain to my chiropractor friend and he advise me on what to do and it worked! Good luck!

Specvb, Community Member
5/ 4/12 4:10am
I agree - mine is agony right now. It happens occasionally when I curl my wrist into my duvet. Rest and a splint are the best options. It has only ever lasted a week for me if that is comforting. Reply
wfever, Community Member
1/ 3/10 8:06pm

I had a similar problem where I thought that I had broken my wrist and even went to an ER and was told that it was just a sprain. I lived in pain for a couple of years and didnt know what was wrong. My wife finally convinced me to see a specialist and he told me that I had infact broken my scafoid bone in my wrist its a very small bone and it doesnt swell or bruise. I let mine go to long and the surgery was pretty intense, I had to have a new scafoid bone made out of my forearm and fit into place with several screws. However the doctor did tell me that if I had waited much longer the only option would have been to fuse the bones together. I have been able to return to pretty much normal. The scar on my forearm is still sensitive but I think that there was some nerve damage since it has been about 5 years now.

Bobbi, Community Member
2/ 8/11 4:00pm

it could be carpal tunnel. I suffer the same kind of pain. No swelling, but when i move it forwards or backwards, it hurts.....

SamW, Community Member
3/11/12 1:09pm

I have had this problem for 2 years and still don't know what it is.  Opening my fridge or a door is excrutiating for me, even lifting a light grocery bag and I don't have carpel tunnel or arthritis.  I don't think it is the way I sleep or else this would have happened years ago, I'm 36.


I wanted to ask you if your fingers hurt too or if it is just your wrist?



Gemjam, Community Member
4/ 1/12 4:19pm


You may have wrist tendinitis.  I recently had the same problem as you.  I had done nothing to injure my right wrist, however, I could not bend my wrist downwards or upwards and was in agony.  No swelling or brusing but my wrist was very tight and it hurt doing certain activities but was fine in others, for example, I couldn't cut my daughter's apple up or cut any kind of food however I could easily pick up a heavy kettle and pour a cup of tea.  Very random.  I went to the doctors and they confirmed it was wrist tendinitis.  And it had come on by me having baked a batch of cakes the night before I had this problem - beating eggs and whisking mixture had been the cause because it was a repetitive motion and it had aggravatied my tendons in my wrist.  So this may be what you have and it could have been caused by something very small that you do all the time - may be worth asking your doctor?? I got given a wrist strap to wear for a week and it worked fine.  Hope this helps.

Chasen64, Community Member
6/18/12 9:56pm

I had a bone graft and a titanium screw placed into my scaphoid bone in 2005. Im only 23 and on and off for about the last 2 years I have had moderate to sever wrist pain. The pain is usually dull but at times can be sharp. Recently I am have more problems with it. I have noticed that when there are solar flares I have more frequent episodes. I used to work in areas where explosives are tested, and I believe, but I am not sure, that there are some type of magnetic fields that I was exposed to. When I was in these areas I also experienced the most severe wrist pain. I don't know if there is anyone else out there that shares the same experiences as myself but Im looking for answers. I don't believe in taking narcotics for pain and would prefer to take natural supplements. Any ideas or answers would be appreciated!
Is there anyone else out there that has the same pain experiences as me?!?! 
please help!
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