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Saturday, January 23, 2010 Esperanza, Community Member, asks

Q: Chronic pain left arm

I have a chronic pain in my left arm. I have gone to doctors and taken a lot of pain killers. I have taken all lab tests and everything is fine. Even a bone density analysys. The pain can't be pinpointed in the arm and it sometimes shifts to my collarbone. Pain is more intense at night. I am a woman, 48 in overall good health. I walk a few miles every other day and I feel much better then. I even had a series of Meticoval intramuscular injections. Pain is still there. The last doctor said it could be fibromyalgia and gave a me prescription (Lyrica) that when researched had more serious side effects than regular pain killers. I did not dare take it. My question is, could this be a pinched nerve? How can I find out? Which specialist could find this out?  Thank you. 

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1/23/10 5:12pm

Pain shifts around in the arm, involves the area of the collarbone, and is worse at night... sounds like this could be a nerve pain that involves the brachial plexus (a complex network of nerves right underneath the collarbone). Often times this type of pain can be classified as Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. The arm pain of TOS can be caused by nerve irritation or vascular problems. At night, the blood pressure is lower and that reductioon in blood supply makes nerves more susceptible to irritation and impingement. Thus, Nerve pain is classically worse at night. So, you start be seeing a neurologist (the best you can find) and go from there. If you have not had an electrodiagnostic test (special nerve test), that might be the first thing a neurologist can do for you in finding the root of this problem.


Dr. Christina Lasich, MD

Wendell707, Community Member
1/23/10 1:16pm

Esperanza let me tell you what happened to me about a month ago:i woke up durring the wee hours of the morning with one HE"L'Va pain in my left arm.

I am on meds from the cronic back pain but it did'nt touch this severe pain in my left arm''i was thinking to myself this is all i need "Heart Trouble" anyway i woke my Wife up and she called my Daughter who lives next door to us and she is a RN at our local hospital.

I knew what she was going to say and that was (your going to the ER) so my Wife drove me to the hospitol and the Doctor had all kinds of tests done on me to find absolutely nothing.....Whatever this cronic pain is it travels around but thak GOD my arm pain went away.

Every day we wake up we wander what is instore for us today, lately i have been haveing new problems along with my old problems :P lol and no doubt some of these new problems are side-effects from our meds.

 This is a Day The Hath Made Let Us Be Glad And Rejoice In It........GOD BLESS

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