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Monday, March 09, 2009 depnomore, Community Member, asks

Q: I'm trying to find retail price info on the EMPI Select TENS unit.

I'm trying to find retail price info on the EMPI Select TENS unit.  All I can find online are sites with no pricing.  Can someone give me a ballpark figure?

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Karen Lee Richards, Health Guide
3/10/09 11:36pm

According to the Empi Web site, their devices require a prescription from a physician. That may be why you're having trouble finding a retail price.  However one site reporting on the Empi Select TENS unit, says it is available to the general public but you should expect to pay upwards of $800. Here's a link to that report:


If you have health insurance, be sure to check and see if your insurance will pay for at least part of it.  Here's a link to Empi's instructions for obtaining one of their devices:


You might also want to keep an eye on sites like eBay.  They currently have an Empi Select TENS unit for sale with three days left to bid.  The current bid stands at $64.

nancydrew, Community Member
12/ 6/10 8:56am

My insurance company paid to purchase mine because I would need it long term.  Your insurer may also choose to rent the unit, which may be an option for folks.

My insurance company paid $496.00 for the unit in 2007.   I found one on ebay today (12/10) asking $225.00 but there were no bids.  I also found one on auctions asking $400.00, claiming he paid $1000.00 for the unit.


If you don't have insurance, you should fill out the "Contact us" page on the Empi website, and tell them you don't have insurance and want to know how much the unit will cost to purchase and / or to rent or email them at  If they claim they need your doctor to fill out a form, you can do that (assuming your doctor wants you to have a TENS unit), but make sure your doctor and EMPI know you're checking into your options before purchasing/renting.



nancydrew, Community Member
12/ 6/10 9:25am

Additional Information:


Here is the link to the form that your physician MUST fill out for EMPI.  This is the EMPI prescription and assignment of benefits form. However DON'T sign it. If you sign the form, you are agreeing to pay for the unit. I'd recommend you leave it blank.  You or your physician can attach a note requesting pricing first. 


I'm sure this will perplex the hell out of the first few folks you speak with at Empi, but once a supervisor or manager realizes that you cannot possibly sign to pay for anything of which you don't know the pricing, they'll grasp what you're trying to accomplish and get the information to you.   


Also, I noticed they request a social security number on the form, but I'd like to recommend that you leave it blank.  Not sure why in the world they'd ask for it, however, I suspect it's just something they'd LIKE to have but cannot "require".  When I'm asked to provide a social (whether at doctor's offices etc, I simply say I don't give it out and it's always dropped). Lots of times you'll get the song and dance about how they need it to process the claim, so I gently remind them that THAT is the reason I gave them a copy of my insurance card WITH the insurance coverage numbers.

some guy, Community Member
10/24/13 4:37pm
nwidesigns, Community Member
11/13/13 6:14pm

Funny I just got off the phone with Empi and she told me it would only cost me $150. Yet they charged my insurance 4 times that amount and still want me to pay them for the second and third month of using it (total $250). This company is a scam, no other way to look at it!!!

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