• irene irene
    April 11, 2010
    shooting pain in the middle right side of his back
    irene irene
    April 11, 2010

    my husband has a shooting pain in the right middle of his back, he has had it for four days now, do you know what it could be 



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  • MillieKeyLargo April 11, 2010
    April 11, 2010

    Did your husband do something to pull a muscle or his back somehow? Did he carry too much weight or turn the wrong way? You might want to try OTC meds like Aleve and also hot/cold compresses and complete rest for a few days, if after 2 weeks or so it does not get better, tell your hubby to go see his primary care physician to maybe explore this further. BTW, I am not a Doctor, I am just telling you what my own Doc told me to do when I hurt my back....... Wink

    Take care and I hope that he gets better!

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