• Cynthia Dunn Cynthia Dunn
    February 14, 2009
    Is Cortisone effective
    Cynthia Dunn Cynthia Dunn
    February 14, 2009

    Is cortisone effective for plantar fasciitis, I had one shot of this just over a week ago, it doesnt seem to have made me any better, I had a follow up appointment on Thursday thinking I would be given another shot by my Podiatrist, he said he couldnt give me any more at this time, he was surprised that I hadnt had any improvement, and gave me celebebrex, I am afraid to take these as I am allergic to anti-inflammatorys is this what these are? he asked me if I had heart problems Liver or kidney and stomach ulcers which I dont have, so I guess he thought I would be ok taking them. Please advise



  • Cort
    Health Guide
    February 15, 2009
    Health Guide
    February 15, 2009

    Cortisone is an strong steroidal anti-inflammatory drug that can be effective in relieving plantar fasciitis. Cortisone shots are used in many conditions to relieve inflammation.


    Non-steroidal antinflammatories include the broad class of drugs called NSAIDS, of which Celebrex is one. There are several different kinds of NSAIDS; NSAIDS derived from aspirin-like products  are the main sources of allergy in these drugs.  


    Anti-inflammatories containing acetaminophen such as tylenol are usually well tolerated by people who have allergies to NSAIDS. Celebrex is a relatively recent drug that is also usually well tolerated by people with allergies to NSAIDS.  If you do try Celebrex, though, be careful with the first few doses to make that you're not reacting to it. 





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