• Faithbeme Faithbeme
    July 12, 2008
    My Hydrocodone is not working and taking to many because of tolerance Why cant DR give percoset
    Faithbeme Faithbeme
    July 12, 2008

    I have bad back pain and I have gone to My dr to find out why. X-ray has come up negative for anything and Dr wants me to see pain speacialist but I dont have that kind of cash. My Dr has been kind enough now for the last 2 months to help me out with pain medication Hydrocodone 7.5 / 500 , But medication is not longer helping and I find myself taking 6 pills a day because of high tolerance. Due to the fact that I had widome teeth out on 2 different ocasions and getting Hydrocone, My Dr does not trust me and thinks im an addict. But this is ferther from the truth. I truly had bad back pain lower area and Im getting screwed here because of no insurance and no money. Is there anyway to get My medication uped to something that I dont have to take as much of to get pain relief? Is there a way I can overcome this situation? as I said before I have no insurance, Broke, and I dont qualify for finacial help because I berly make enough, but am over head with debt. This is a very serious issue because my pain is bad and i cant keep up that dose on my hydrocodone because I dont want liver issues.


    Please Help....



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  • CRANKER July 13, 2008
    July 13, 2008

    im afraid your doctor is doing all he can for you and i doubt he will much longer, maybe but with out test showing damage or a emg done to show high amounts of electrical  waves  . he could get in a lot of trouble for giving you pain meds with out a medical reason that just a sick plain fact . there is all kinds of exercises that can be done to help ease your pain but i havent seen to many doctors or surgeons ever give them out , in some states they have a salary verse doctor payment plan including your bills iin it , i would try calling around to the diffrent pain centers if any is around you , i have heard taking tiny amount of cough syrup with your meds can help your meds stay in your system longer thus giving you more pain relieve , taking any more than that does nothing for you so dont even think it cause its be like mixing narcotics with beer which could kill you ,,, your health should come frist so if i was you i'd find a way to come up with the money , a lot of time church will help folks through hard times ,,,, good luck godbless

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