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    May 31, 2008
    are narcotic pain medications good for severe tendonitis pain?
    d18405 d18405
    May 31, 2008

    For the past year in particular i have experience burning, tight pain in my wrists and hands. at first it was only while playing the guitar, and after playing for only several minutes it would get so bad i had to stop and rest for several hours before i could use my hands in any activity. now the pain has become more abundant, i went to pick up a piece of cookware by a hand and when i gripped it i almost dropped it on myself because i felt a sharp shooting pain going from my hand all the way to my arm.

            I went to My PCP, whom prescribed me  ibuprofen 600mg and wrist splints a few months apart. I took the ibuprofen religilously and wore the splints during sleep but got no results. I then started seeing a hand specialist/orthopedist over a period of 3-4 months and all he did was tell me to keep taking the anti inflammatory meds and wear the splints during inactivity; i went back to him twice complaining that this did NOTHING. finally he gave me a cortisone injection. i thought this would do the trick but sadly, this didnt help at all either. i went back to him about a month and a half after this injection thinking that maybe if one shot didnt work, another would be used? he told me if the first one didnt alleviate any of the pain then there was nothing i could really do except "deal with it."

           I dont know if i can keep dealing with this pain, because it seems like its getting progressively worse. also, my pcp told me it sounded like severe carpal-tunnel while the hand specialist said it was just a bad case of wrist tendenitis. Whatever it may be, i was just wondering if i should start thinking about using prescribed pain meds such as vicodin  or dilaudid for this because nothing else has worked and the pain is worsening?



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