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Friday, July 03, 2009 Pat, Community Member, asks

Q: I want to know what is the normal dosage for oxycodone.

I've had 2 back surgeries and have tried alot of treatments most recently a neurostimulator which about killed me. Oxcodone has worked in the past but my new doctor is so scared to prescribe it. 

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Cort, Health Guide
7/ 3/09 1:54am

I don't think there is a 'normal' dosage of oxycodone. Oxycodone or oxycontin is available in a dosages ranging from 5 mgs to 80 mgs. Doctors will prescribe it depending on how much pain you are in. Given that I'm not sure what a normal dose is. Good luck with finding a good treatment for your pain.

Rottie Mama, Community Member
7/ 3/09 4:49pm

I'm actually a disabled former RN.Both myself and my pain specialist MD were taught there is no actual thing as a "normal" dose or a "top end dose" Each person has thier own variables that affect thier individual response to a certain dose, and it varies greatly from person to person and drug to drug.If you are still in measureable pain-the dose isn't high enough! Right now I take 90mg of extended release morphine every 8 hrs and can have 30mg oxycodone immediate release every 4 hrs if I need it for breakthrough pain. If you aren't seeing a board certified pain specialist-find one-NOW!! and if you have one and are still in alot of pain-you need to find a new one until you find one that's a good fit for you. Every state has an online listing of it's licensed physicians you can search by specialty.

Liberty, Community Member
7/ 5/09 12:51am

HI, I was reading the question you answered,and I have a question for YOU.I hope you can help,or give me some sort of advice.I am a disabled former Personal Support Worker (Health Care Aide).,I had to give it up,when my disabilities got too painful,and Im now on Long-term Disability.Permanently.

I have MANY health problems.Chronic pain, in my legs,from numerous LIMB LENGTHENING OPERATIONS when I was a teenager.Im 35 now.I was the first in Canada for my form of dwarfism,to have the operations.Im Hypochondroplasia Dwarf.I was basically a "guinea-pig",for my Doctors.Not knowing when the operations finished,it made me 8inches taller...but it would make me disabled,and have severe chronic pain for the rest of my life.I tried living a normal life,but my pain took over,and i am now on long-term Disability.I also,less than 1yr ago,got diagnosed with LUNG DISEASE,  pulmonary SARCOIDOSIS.SO PAINFUL.Drs tell me it isnt...but since I had this disease begin,in Oct 08,Its nothing but pain.Breathing,and night/sleeping,have to sleep sitting up.I feel like my chest is crushing,feels like fluid in my lungs,chest/back.NO ONE believes my lung pain.Its killin me.(suicide is considered on a daily basis).

I have been on opiods for about 2-3yrs now...Ive started at the lowest,weakest and have gotten to where I am now.I am on Hydromorphone 8mg, about 8/day.(2tab-4xday),Hydromorph Contin 3/day, and Oxycocet, 5-325/ 4-6day....and I am in SO MUCH PAIN STILL! I am no longer getting ANY relief for my pain from my meds,and I go to a PAIN CLINIC,see a specialist..I had a good Dr,but he retired,.and now this new Dr  just writes me the same script every month... he dosent want to change or help me.(my last visit,he recommended I move to dry UTAH,(Im in Ontario,Canada) meds arent working like they used to,or should.My body is used to them,from being on them for a few years.I havent been offered any other help or options or medications...I sometimes feel it is MY fault,maybe they dont believe my pain.Im hurting NOW MORE THAN EVER.I cant live like this.I consider suicide on a daily basis...thats bad.I want new meds,or something...I cant live in SO much pain anymore.My meds are only making the edge of my pain,1st thing in the morning,easier.The rest of the day,as time goes on,the pain gets worse,til night when I cry,and cant walk (arthritis),or breathe (Lung Disease).This isnt "LIVING" this is "LIVING HELL" Please tell me what you think......... thankyou.    jane

trulyujest, Community Member
7/ 9/09 1:30pm

how do I end my contract?  So I can seek a 2nd opinion?

Rottie Mama, Community Member
7/ 9/09 5:22pm

I don't know what your contract says, but I can't imagine it would restrict you from seeking a second opinion. One would assume that if you prefer the second practioner,you wouldn't be returning to the first one.If that were the case, a short note to the first Dr saying you sought a second opinion and feel the new Dr is a better fit for you.  If you seek a second opinion and aren't impressed with that one either, no need to mention it if you won't be seeing it.

I do recommend that every time you have any testing done, or labwork-request a copy for yourself for your 'personal records' That was if you wish to see someone for a second opinion you have theinfo and won't have to ask to have your records sent anywhere. Just be sure you keep your own copy.You will have to sign a release but don't worry-just a technicality. If they get snoopy about why you want them, just say it's to have in case you travel and get in an accident,etc and they won't have much to say.They can't refuse the request.You don't have to ask the Dr, just the secretary or medical records clerk.

Some of us have had to go to half a dozen docs before we found the right one. Personalities and beliefs have to click for this thing to work right and you to get the best pain relief. Remember-they are actually the ones providing a service for YOU!

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