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Monday, December 27, 2010 WalkingHeart, Community Member, asks

Q: I'm in a Nursing home and on Methadone and they are telling me there's a shortage of methadone so they are stopping mine cold it true there's a shortage or are they blowing smoke up my butt

Is there a stop or shortage of methadone..please help
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12/28/10 9:37pm

I am not aware of a shortage of methadone in my local area. However, there could be a shortage in your local area. I suggest contacting your local pharmacy and ask the pharmacist. Many nursing homes contract with a pharmacy/supplier. So their particular supplier may have a shortage of methadone for a temporary period of time. You can also contact your prescribing doctor to determine if an alternative pharmacy can be utilized in the mean time. Only a doctor can discontinue or change your medications at the nursing home. Talk to the doctor.


Dr. Christina Lasich, MD

WalkingHeart, Community Member
12/28/10 11:19pm

Thanks so much Doc..It's kinda strange really..I told them that I couldn't find anything on the internet about a methadone shortage, the FDA didn't have anything posted about any manufacture shortage or stop and suprisingly they found methadone..hmmm is pretty much all I can say other than Thank You for your help and your time..WH

RobertM, Community Member
1/25/12 2:52pm

Yes there is a shortage and not just Methadone, and it is being kept very quiet but this month every day more and more people are finding out.  In Oregon South Coast there is not one pharmacy within 100 miles that has any.  They were substituting 5mg but that is now gone also.  The suppliers are not getting it or any answers as to why or when they will.  Also, other narcotics as Vicadan and Norco, and some Attention Deficiet Disorders (Concerta) also are not there to reorder.


Someone needs to get this out ASAP to the public.  Call any phamancy in Brookings Oregon, Golds Beach, to Coo's Bay and find its not a rumour.

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