• Debbie Debbie
    September 02, 2008
    foot fusion surgery
    Debbie Debbie
    September 02, 2008

    Hi I am new to this, my name is Debbie and had a subtalor fusion on my foot with a screw in my heel but my problem is my foot will not heal. I am in chronic pain all the time and was just given a tens unit but I still hurt even after I use it. Has anyone had this problem of after having surgery you don't heal? As my DR. says I'm just a slow healer but I swear I am getting worse? My surgery was done on March 17th. I need help as no one seems to have an anser for me so please help me.

    Thank you




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  • Christine September 17, 2008
    September 17, 2008

    My husband had similar surgery in Dec 07 and he didn't heal. A cat scan revealed 7/8 months later that the bone didn't fuse. The new doctor he went to let him know that if it haden't fused at that point, it wouldn't fuse at all. He had corrective surgery today. He is also using a bone stimulator that apparently helps heal the bone in twice the time. The company is called orthofix. Hope you find answers to your situation. The best to you.

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