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Friday, November 30, 2012 Dan30, Community Member, asks

Q: Can anyone help or point me in the correct path!

I work from home on a computer and have 2 toddlers. I use to be able to keep up with daily tasks and be able to play with my kids and hike etc. I am now struggling to get out of bed and just not have a bad attitude and sit at my computer to make a living. I live in Toledo Washington and was wondering if you knew of any good pain management clinics around me. My regular doctor told me he understands my situation however he isn't a pain doctor and can't subscribe any pain killers to me long-term due to the laws etc. He also said pain clinics where a bit ridicules and radical on requirements and make you feel like a drug addict, and talked about all of these DEA, doctors that did injections, and people getting addicted to pain medication horror stories. I don't even care if I get pain killers I just want the pain to go away if it's surgery or pain killers so be it as long as it works.

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Cort, Health Guide
12/ 4/12 1:57pm

Your doctors not giving you much of a choice there! He doesn't have anything to offer and yet he says pain clinics won't work either. I would look for a good pain clinic that gets good reviews (look on the internet) and go there. Yes, be careful, not all therapies have been adequately studied but there is a reason physicians specialize in pain - there's alot of learn. Your primary care doctor really is not equipped to deal with long term chronic pain.


You find clinics by using the program on this page.  Good luck! 

Dan30, Community Member
12/ 4/12 2:06pm

Thanks for your input!

chico1221, Community Member
12/ 1/12 6:24am

Dan i can tell you from my experiance almost 12 yrs with pain pump and i can move now i was bedridden i still have bad days but i have 3 meds in pump.duliad,baclofen and clonadine new my legs go numb cramp and i just plain am miserable.i dont live there but call major hosp. and ask if they have pain clinic and id switch doctor pain clinics really help me so give it a shot.let me know what happens.ill be praying for you.....

Dan30, Community Member
12/ 3/12 8:42am

Thank you very much for the advise!

Robinwilliams, Community Member
12/ 1/12 6:40am

Why don't you try chiropractic care for your problem. It does wonders! If you can find a good chiropractor in your area, its well and good or else visit Corrective Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic. I have heard they are really good.

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