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Friday, December 11, 2009 Linda, Community Member, asks

Q: chronic pain and suicide

is there a certain percentage of F.M suffers that commit suicide?
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Karen Lee Richards, Health Guide
12/11/09 10:43am

I haven't been able to find any statistics that give a percentage of FM sufferers who commit suicide, but in 2004 a Danish study found that the rate of suicide was nine times greater in people with fibromyalgia than in the general population.


It hurts me to see statements like that because it means those people gave up hope.  I know firsthand how miserable it can be to suffer so much and try different treatments that don't work.  But most people with FM do eventually find a treatment combo that helps them.  It breaks my heart every time someone gives up before they find it.

Seeker1, Community Member
12/11/09 8:09pm

Hi Linda,


 Here is a link that talks about Fibro/cfs people and suicide.


Here is another link.


I hope you find your answers and know that that thought is never an answer to pain, a good friend always helps there friends threw those rough patches.


Linda, Community Member
12/25/09 1:35am

Thank you very much for the links, (and the hug)  I needed that one, specially tonight, well this morning,,, getting kinda late, us f.m's need our beauty sleep.  thank you again


Seeker1, Community Member
12/11/09 8:15pm

Me again,

 One more link for you.


The Anatomy of Hope

Ozigal, Community Member
1/20/10 8:43am

Hang in there girl!!! I know how depressing continual pain can be but don't let this monster beat you. GET HELP, change doctors, do whatever you need to do. When you are having a bad time of it and black thoughts enter your head go to E and R. Tell them you can't cope with the pain, surely you will get assistance? Do you have someone at home that you can talk to? You've got us, and I'm sure it's not just me that has felt like "What's the point?" and all of "US" WOULD LIKE NOTHING BETTER THAN TO SEE YOU GET THE HELP YOU NEED AND DESERVE!!! Let us know what you've tried and open a dialogue where the professionals can advise and us FMers can let you know what has been beneficial to them. You have a larger family to turn to for support, use it/us.

I take 90mg Cymbalta in the morning and it has been marvelous at beating my pain driven depression as well as lessening the frequency of flare ups. Now just a couple a day then things settle to a more managable state.

I wish I could visit, take you to see doctors, make you a cuppa and hold your hand etc., but Im in Australia. Reach out, you may be surprised.

If I have totally misinterpreted your meaning I am sorry and please disregard all I have said. Either way all the very best and sending you strength and lots of love.



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