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Sunday, January 11, 2009 Bev, Community Member, asks

Q: I have pain under my 3 middle toes on both feet . Very painful after walking for awhile.

I have pain in my middle toes on both feet. It started when I was wearing sandals all the time, and it's still there, especially when I walk for any length of time. I know wearing good shoes would help, but I have to wear a slight heel when I work. Is there anything that could help?

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Cort, Health Guide
1/11/09 11:56pm

Why don't you check out the Foot Pain section on Health Central? It has a description of different types of foot pain. There are at least a couple of things it looks like this could be including metatarsalitis or Morton's neurotoma. Since its getting worse it sounds like its time to see a podiatrist. Good luck!

1/12/09 9:47pm

Your feet are screaming, "Enough with the high heels!" Let me be the first to tell you that high-heeled shoes cause arthritis in the balls of your feet, in the joints of your toes. Spending all day, day in and day out, on your toes is enough to wear those joints out. Imagine bending your finger backward and keeping it there all day... hurts just to think about doing that. Well, that is what you are doing by wear high heels.


Now that your toe joints are inflammed, you need to support them with a flat, sturdy shoe (like a walking shoe found in most good shoe stores, Brooks makes a good walking shoe) and try a little anti-inflammatory medication (if you can take this type of medicine) to put the fire out. Or you can try icing the feet twice daily for 20 minutes.


Quit wearing high heels before other parts of you start to scream out in pain like your knees, ankles and back.


Dr. Christina Lasich, MD



Gill, Community Member
1/26/10 11:56am

I have severe pain when walking under toes on right foot. I have no pain at all neither can I feel pain unless walking. I am now desperate as nothing to see apparently under my foot.

Please can you advice.


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