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Wednesday, April 01, 2009 bill, Community Member, asks

Q: which is stronger percocet or vicodin ?

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Karen Lee Richards, Health Guide
5/ 1/09 2:38pm

This answer is addressed to Patty, who asked some questions in her answer to this question. 


No, it's not safe to say that Vicodin is safer than Percocet for long-term use.  Although Vicodin is not quite as strong as Percocet, both are opioids (narcotics) and need to be taken very carefully and only as prescribed.  When taken as prescribed, they can be reasonably safe on a long-term basis, but if they are abused by taking too many, too often, or with certain other medications, they can be extremely dangerous.


Darvocet is most definitely a narcotic.  It is a combination of propoxyphene napsylate (the narcotic portion) and acetaminophen.  It should not be taken with either Vicodin or Percocet unless specifically directed by your doctor.  There are two primary dangers in mixing these drugs:

1)  The most immediate danger is respiratory depression from too much of the narcotics.  With respiratory depression, you fall asleep and simply stop breathing.  This is what generally happens in accidental overdoses.

2)  Both drugs contain acetaminophen.  Too much acetaminophen can seriously damage your liver.

Street PHD, Community Member
4/ 1/09 11:05pm

perc hands down

Scooter, Community Member
4/ 2/09 2:23pm

Percocet has oxycodone in it and Vicodin has hydrocodone in it. So the answer above is correct. Percocet is stronger.  Good luck and low pain days.  Scooter

Patty, Community Member
5/ 1/09 10:58am

so is it safe to say that vicodin is safer than percocet for long term use?  I have darvocet is it okay to mix with either, since it is my understanding that darvocet is not a narcotic?  anyone ?

Bill, Community Member
6/ 6/09 1:27pm

Hi '  Percocet is much / much stronger than the other 2

medications mentioned! I have been on all three at one time or another

in my life and the Percocet was a lot better killing my pain

Also just to add if you can get oxycodone 5mg which is what

I now take it is much betterand not as messed up with all the

tylenol as the others are ! I agree with Karen Richards above

because she is a very nice and informed lady!! Oxycodone

is the pain med in percocet by the way.    Take care always ' Bill Maraggos



MiseryLovesCompany, Community Member
6/ 7/09 3:42am

I have multiple reasons for  disabliing pain at any given time during my daily life. It's something that has come more to the forefront lately due to the fact I've been off a regime of reg pain meds:

apap #4 w/codiene,

5mg Alpraz

5 mg Diaz.

Going through detox due to a horrible mix up in lost faxs to my mail order pharmacy

about drove me to the end. Protruding discs c-2 through 7, pinched nerves in neck,

TMJ, Fibromyalgia, my hands turn white when I get the least bit chilled, then feel like they're on fire when warming. Chronic IBS, migraines due to jaw pain, right hip, shoulder and knee displaysia, sleep apnea,  chronic sinus problems, that often feel ten times worse than any plain cold, asthema, neuropathy.

And something yet undiagnosed and planning to see a second rhumetologist soon inorder to find out why..when not on any pain meds, nor diaz/alpraz, my body feels like it's on fire inside. Sometimes it comes in waves, other times it's constant. There are also times I get a chill that runs through my body, I wonder if it's due to the pain.

Recently my physcian perscribed Oxycodone 40 mgs 1 ev. 12 hrs with ty 4 for intermitant pain. What he didn't tell me is to stop the alpraz & diaz temp to make sure I didn't have the kind of reaction I did, it scared me, so i quit taking the oxycodone.

Since the meds hadn't come yet, I started taking the oxy and it proved to be a better pain reliever for me, however, the fact my nerves were still so raw inside and I felt like I had jagged edges inside, left me wondering if this was the correct formula for me. (apparently not).

So I did stop the oxy, got back on ty4, now 10 mg alpraz & 10 mg diaz 2 x's daily for each and feeling like my old happy self now.

The problem?? My TMJ is killing me and I'm afraid to ask for help fearing the drs (dentist also) are thinking I'm a drug seeking idiot. Clearly I'm not.

I'm not sure the 40 oxy is really strong enough along with no more than 2 to 4 apap 4 daily to take care of the pain level if I stop everything else.


I saw your website and decided to join when I saw everyone asking any and all questions about pain medications. It's a great place to feel at home and not be judged when asking

a question about the dreaded "N" word..."narcotics".


Any feedback would be appreciated, good or good...






Jennifer248, Community Member
7/ 2/09 12:00pm

Geez, I have the same list of ailments. Literally the whole exact list of problems. Plus, I had a partial hysterectomy last year which took out 26 lbs of fist sized tumors & endometriosis and left me with a 2 ft scar. (Obviously, obesity is also an issue, or I couldn't have an incision that big. Right?) Please tell me the state you're in and point me to good doctors. I have the same problem with people assuming I'm just seeking more painkillers, as if it were a recreational habit, but all I want is to stop hurting for a day, maybe sleep through an entire night. (Add insomnia, bladder and bowel issues to the list.) After being on tincture of opium for -5 yrs and then moved through a whole list of other meds, I'm now on soma (muscle relaxant) and oxycodone painkiller 10/325), both 4 x a day, plus meloxicam (arthritis), metformin, neurontin (neural damage), zolpidem (at least gets me to sleep for a couple of hours), promethazine (for nausea), simvastatin (what? cholesterol/trigliceride?), qualaquin (muscle cramps) list goes on.


I just want to stop hurting. And I want people to stop insisting I get off anything that actually helps me. What is the fanatical fear of opiates and narcotics people have? It's the same people who tell me I should probably cut back on my intake and exercise more that have never been fat or had a back injury (dozen bones in spine crunched, bulging, etc). For the record, I am a 347 lb ANOREXIC. I go weeks without eating. Only drinking water. I know, it sounds unbelievable to most people, but there are, unfortunately, more people like me out there than anyone realizes. We need pain relief. We need a cure for the obesity. We need people to realize that some injuries make exercise impossible.


I'm looking at cervical and lumbar surgeries. Last year, I had 5-6 spinal injection procedures and a neuroblation. (Flipped a 1400 lb horse over on myself.) So, when I see someone getting 40 oxy, and relief from a doctor, I think...maybe I'll move to wherever you've found a doctor that is actually helping you.


Any help or suggestions to ease the pain would be greatly appreciated. I have found that magnesium lotion (Dr. Norman Shealy) helps with severe cramping. Epsom salt/magnesium baths and heated magnesium packs can really help with the cramping of muscles and ache of bones. Jennifer248 at

kimmyn, Community Member
7/18/09 11:17am

Just gotta tell you....if you ever have the chance to have Bariatric it.  I did it over a year ago and lost over 100lbs and a lot of my pains went away.  It was a life saver!


I still have chronic back pain but that is due to problems not related to weight.  But I'm dealing with it much better!

bwelc00, Community Member
1/11/10 2:06pm

I would list a couple things that I think might help. First, you need to eat. You can't go weeks with just drinking water that isn't gonna help, it's not going to drop weight, and it may even make the meds less effective.


Second, you and your doctors need to think of exercise as medicine, just as much as the painkillers. You're not going to be able to do the same things starting out that everyone else does, but the attitude toward exercise as medicine is turning. My suggestion would be to get a doctor that will not only write you a prescription to relieve pain, but one that will write you a prescription to do some physical therapy at a hospital gym. If not, it is worth it for you, because this is a life-saving measure, to join a pool and do some sort of aquatic exercise. Most of the time, you can get your insurance to pay for this.


If you have further problems getting this done, let me know.

charlene, Community Member
1/12/10 3:55pm

My heart goes out to you in your suffering.  It does get complicated when you have so many separate issues.  I wanted to gently bring up how pain meds cause symptoms in and of themselves.  I have been on and off pain meds recently from surgery and they massively effect my mood, my digestion, and my outlook.  I believe you that you are in pain and that the pain meds help that physical pain.  I pray that you can take steps at your own pace, to heal your physical body as well...with good food, gentle activity and emotional support. Best of luck.

guest, Community Member
1/27/10 7:37pm

This may sound ridiculous but I use Topamax for my migraines and vicodin to for my pain. 100mg of Topomax before bed. I have lost 67 pounds without exercise in the last year. Look into it, it may help and get ride of some of your problems at the same time! It's been awesome for me~

benz, Community Member
8/ 3/10 3:29pm

Hello, I read your info. I have a question though: Did you do anything to change your diet? I have sever back pain and take flexeril and percoset for it. Ibuprofin too and 50mg proleferyn. How did the tompamax help you lose weight? I am about 60lbs overweitht too from the prednisone I was on for 2 years. No matter what I do the weight doen't budge. I know we all have different situations and pain origins but any info would be helpful. thanx.

kirra, Community Member
9/ 5/12 9:22pm

Hey Benz, Topamax is a migrain medician that also cuts your appitite to the point that you almost forget to eat. But, if you have heart problems, they won't let you have it at least my doctors won't. Something that alot of doctors don't prescribe very often that is much less addictive is Cordicosteroids like, especially for people with arthritis. Problem is, it can make you gain wait and can if taken at to high of a dose, damage liver and kidneys but so can opoids. Good luck!

rat rod mama, Community Member
8/27/09 11:58pm

I have found that when it comes to treating nerve pain, neurontin served me much better than vicadin or percoset!  Nerve damage is a whole different creature.  Try asking your physian about it.  I had cellulitis in my leg which ulcerated... it was horribly... I mean horribly painful.  I was talking percoset and a transdermal pain patch and it didn't touch the pain.  After my first neurontin pill in the doctor's office the pain had reduced by about 30 percent.  After the second pill... about 50%.  After my thrid one for the day, it was almost gone.  Any time in the future that I have to deal with nerve pain... it will be the neurontin.  Hope this helps!

HEY JOOD, Community Member
10/ 4/10 4:29pm


Please look into and join 2 groups fqtoxicity and adverse reactions

both yahoo groups. You have classic symptoms of being "floxed" by one of the

toxic antibiotics in the Fluoroquinolone group. Ciprofloxamin and Levaquin are 2.

   One dosage of the Cipro has ruined my life since Aug. of 08 taken for a severe

case of poison ivy/oak. I am in constant pain, mainly in my torso and lower back.

   The burning affect for me was going into anaphylactic shock or a reaction do

taking the Cipro. Recently I had a root canal gone bad and was given Doxycycline

and then upped to Amoxicillin which again I had an anaphylactic reaction to.

I`ve never been allergic to anything, except poison ivy. The Cipro has weakened

my immune system and am all messed up physically, mentally and financially.

   My doc won`t give me anything strong even though I`ve been w/ her for

12 yrs. This I`m going to have changed. She only gives me Ultram/Tramadol

50mgs. 3x`s a day. She says I have way! I`m 52, used to

be incredibly strong and did hard physical work all my life. Then in one day

I`m suddenly bed-ridden? Time-line wise it was way to coincidental.

   In my opinion you are taking too much to function. 10 mg of alpraz and diaz!!!

and oxy is insane. No disrespect, just my opinion.

   There are tens of thousands of people being poisoned due to these drugs.

Big Pharm is winning, they keep pushing these drugs and doctors are handing

them out like candy. They should only be used for death-bed patients, not

common ailments like poison ivy. Money 1st...your health 2nd.

They want you addicted. Good luck, take care and pass this on.

This is happening to children to by the way. Misery does luv company.

MiseryLovesCompany, Community Member
10/ 4/10 6:52pm

It's really case of poisoning one thing or the other.

You see, I really don't care if I live or die, I'm tired of hurting

tired of fighting with drs and have had it.

andynheather, Community Member
1/ 9/11 4:32pm

One person can not know another's suffering until they've been there.  If I were to list the LOOOOOOOOONG list of chronic conditions my fiance suffers from, and the various medication regiments that have been tried (in addition to exercise, physical therapy, etc), you'd have the same reaction to me as to the person who described all of the conditions and pain relief methods they use.  For people who suffer from multiple chronic pain conditions, sometimes larger doses of meds and coctails of different meds are required.  In no way am I advocating medicating all of America, and I agree with you that big Pharma has poisoned the minds of many people who think that they need a pill to fix everything, rather than displaying proactive behavior that will help them avoid many of the conditions they suffer from.  However, for the unfortunates that were dealt a more difficult lot in life due to suffering from more medical problems (and medical problems that require lots of experimentation in order to find the right mixture of medications) than the average joe, I don't think it's right to judge others and say they are on way too much of anything.  Walk a mile in their shoes (my fiance can walk about 50 yards at most before her pain is excruciating at times-and she is in the perfect weight range for her height) before telling someone that what they are taking is wrong.  It would be different if this was a blog where people bragged about taking drugs for recreational use, but from what I've read in my limited time here these are real people with real problems.  I mean no disrespect, but I humbly disagree with your opinion.

MT, Community Member
3/20/12 10:00am

check into an intrathecal pain pum- you are a perfcect candidate- contact a GOOD pain specialist and they should know about it- if not look up the Medtronic web site !!!!!

RAgette, Community Member
1/22/13 1:52am

The white fingers from the cold is called Raynaud's. I always try to suggest to others with chronic pain that less is more. Believe me, I know chronic pain. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis resulting in severe joint damage and cervical spondylosis. I also know that many doctors (because they, themselves, don't know chronic pain) tend to lump nearly all people seeking pain management in the "drug seeker" catagory. Although I have prescriptions for pain meds ranging from Tramadol to Demerol (depending on the level of pain at the time.), I do try to partake in some natural therapies before I go to narcotics. Epson salts in hot baths with lavender, breathing techniques... Even eating dark chocolate before taking a weaker pain med because dark chocolate contains phenylethylamine that stimulats "feel good" receptors and also contains magnesium which relaxes muscles. Then... If that doesn't works, I drop the D bomb. (Demerol). 

Bill, Community Member
6/ 7/09 11:21am

Hi ' You have some pains that are a bit unusual?my

pain is from severe gout I mean severe! and crushed

vertebraes # 11 and 12 so i do know what terrible pain

is all about.My pain got so bad that i even went to methadone

and was taking 120 mg a day and coming off it was hell on

Earth . IT was a terrible withdrawal and I was on it 12 years

and finally got off it 3 years ago. Do NOT try it! Worst mistake

I made / now I am on 30 mg oxycodone a day plus 6 mg xanax

a day and it does work for me well              i do not understand the tylenol

with codeine that you are presribed because it is not worth squat

in my opinion and is probably causing more problems than it is

helping! I think the oxycodone is the best way to go by far

at least for me it is

and I hope that you have some relief soon because my heart

feels for you!! as you can read I have been tried on many different

meds and this combo works well for me!


                                                                   GOOD LUCK and My prayers

                                                                   are with you. take care always' Bill

Lauriela, Community Member
3/27/10 6:22pm

Of course Percocet is stronger than Vicodin. I have a torn disc in my back and some hernated discs. and disc disease. Ive been taking 4 percocets aday for 3 years now and I wish I never started. I was in sooo much pain I knew it was risky but Ineeded relief. Percocet is reliefing the pain but Im not the same person. I dont do much anymore. I let things go. Im withdrawing from some family members. I just dont like taking medicine when Im visiting my family so I dont go very much.Im thinking about going into treatment this summer while Im off work because I cant take this the rest of my life. I dont think my body can handle another year.I just dont know what Im going to do about the pain.So anyway my advice would be stay away from both drugs because the withdraw is horrible and it takes along time to feel normal again. I know sometimes ,like me the pain is to bad.

Meagan312, Community Member
4/ 7/10 2:25pm

I have VERY different effects/reactions to the two meds. In terms of relieving pain, I'd say Vicodin is actually more effective for me, but Percocet knocks me out and I sleep. I can never take it during daytime. At night it just makes me so drowsy I sleep — pain or no pain. Usually I still feel the pain but I'm in dreamland. At times I just used it to sleep when I desperately needed it. Vicodin doesn't make me sleepy so I can take it during the day. It doesn't help with all pain but it relieves a lot of it.


Does anyone else react the same way?

ROGER OREM, Community Member
4/ 9/10 3:31am








km, Community Member
3/20/11 4:49am

I also have severe degenerative disc disease, herniated disc and compression fractures  and have found relief with cymbalta.  I also take a percocet and flexiril at night to help sleep.  I stretch my back every night and find that massages, even though the are painful help relax the muscles which allows me to do more than I used to.  I hate it when i have a flare up and have to go in for shots or stronger meds.  I feel that they think I am just there for drugs.  If they only knew how much I hate taking narcotics and how severe the pain is.  I live with pain everyday but it seems to be more manageable since I have been on cymbalta.  

Pharmacy tech, Community Member
7/19/11 11:57am

I myself prefer hydrocdone over percocet.The fact being that a percocet side effect is itching,and the only one i have with hydrocodone is within an hour after taking it ,i get a bit lightheaded and it goes away.Yes oxys are stronger by far,but hydrocodone is the way to go for pain,as far. as i am concerned.


Cynthia, Community Member
1/13/12 6:04pm

I had the problem of itching with all pain meds, percocet and vicodin, but was given a medical/pharmacist's journal report by my doctor that said for some, itching is a pseudoallergic reaction.  He told me to try taking an antihistamine and tagamet about 30 minutes before taking the percoet.  These two drugs hit two different receptors in the body and block the reaction of itching.  I tried it and Viola! worked, no itching.  If you have this problem, I would suggest talking with your doctor about this.


I have dealt with chronic pain for a long time and have such empathy for all of you out there that are suffering.  May healing light shine upon all of us :)


Donna, Community Member
1/30/13 8:59am

I have most of the conditions the rest of you have, plus crohns disese and CRPS. At one point I could not walk for more than 2 yrs and have more than 18 surgical procedures to get back on feet again. I used both vicodin and percocet--not at the same time--but alternate because of the side effects I take these meds spiringly as addition pain relief to wering a fetanylt pain patch, which has been the only relief to get me on my reet and fubctional again. Also, if yu can afford it--look into stem cell injections. the stem cell injections were better than surgery for correcting physical distruction of bone, tendons, nerves, and muscle. The foot and ankle with stem cells is almost as good as new with much less pain than the foot and ankle that was surgically put back together. And final note--vicodin is stronger--both have horrible side effects 

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