• bluesqueen bluesqueen
    March 05, 2011
    eating hard food it hurts my jaw
    bluesqueen bluesqueen
    March 05, 2011

    hey i'm, asking a question i had jaw surgery about 5 yrs now my screw are very loose and i'm having antibotitics and when i eat hard food eg. hard pears or an apple its really hurts  like hell on my left side of my jaw even sometime i may think it is an ear infection



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  • Chalindria March 06, 2011
    March 06, 2011

    Sorry, I'm not exactly sure what you are asking, but I will try.  I, too, have a LOT of pain when I eat anything a little harder like apples, carrots, etc.  It sounds similar to what I go through.  I have been to the doctor SO MANY TIMES complaining of ear pain and they say my ears are fine.  I finally had an MRI of my jaw and they discovered that the TM disc was chronically out of place.  I had to have surgery to clean up the joint and get the disc of cartillage back in place on both sides.  Don't panic.  I'm not saying you definitely need surgery like me, since mine was an EXTREME case.  Just saying that jaw problems, even minor, can cause headaches, ear pain ( that feels like an ear infection ) AND neck pain.  Everything in the head is connected with muscles, ligaments and tendons and when one thing is out of whack, it can affect it all.  I have an AMAZING Ear, Nose, Throat doctor who is also a dentist, so I couldn't ask for better care.  You should probably talk to your dentist if you have one.  If they can't handle a problem with your jaw, I garauntee they will know a good doctor in the area to refer you to.      

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