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Sunday, April 19, 2009 meandbebe05, Community Member, asks

Q: Treating long term chronic pain without narcotics?

I had a roux en y gastric bypass done in 2006 and within 4 months after that I had my gallbladder and my right ovary removed as well.  I have had chronic pain in my right side DAILY ever since then.  I was put on narcotics in Texas for the treatment of the pain, and now I am in Iowa and they're different with pain up here.  My doctor now is trying to find something we can use that is non narcotic that can control my pain daily.  How do I find something strong enough that will work but doesnt contain any narcotics?  No one seems to be able to explain what the pain is, other than the explaination I have been given is surgical scar tissue adhesions into my intestines.  What do I do?

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cindi, Community Member
4/20/09 3:22pm

hi, i would so find a different dr. right away, if it is your choice to not take narcotic pain meds, i 'm sure you have tried everything over the counter, but if you need something more , than lllike i said i would find another dr., in my opinion it is hard to find a commpassionate dr. that wll prescribe narcotics for pain, but if you need them , i would keep searching, i'm in the process of finding yet another new dr. with commpassion and will understand my pain, instead of those that look at you , like you are ;drugseeking"....good luck to you, cindi

joe, Community Member
9/24/09 3:50pm

you need to find another dr or get an appt with a specialst to help you out alot of drs arnt willing to prescripe pain meds anymore because of the addiction to them but if its bad enough were over the counter dosenbt work then u should def try to get somthing hydrocodone and darvaset are to that are very good abdomnal pain thats what im on without to many side effects hope this helps you out :) goodluck and i hpe you get everything sorted out

JMP, Community Member
10/ 1/09 2:38am

Find and adhesion specialist. They do cause severe pain in some people and they can do a lot of damage. After 20 surgeries for severe endometriosis, stage 4, my daughter has had to have so many surgeries to cut the adhesions loose from her intestines, bowel, bladder, uterus, ureters, and the muscle of her abdominal wall. The last surgery, they had to take out part of her small intestine because she had a blockage from the adhesions. They weren't sure that thye could save her bladder, but they did. She ended up with more problems because now she can't absorb iron, so she had to have a surgical port put in so she can get iron IV's every week. You need to find an adhesion specialist. There is a adhesion society online. Maybe you can find some answers there. Try to keep yourself as healthy as possible and make the doctors listen to you. Even though my daughter has to have the weekly IV's, if the specialist hadn't agreed to see her and to help, she probably would be dead by now. Hang in there and fight for yourself.

                                          A mom and a nurse

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