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Tuesday, September 23, 2008 cindy, Community Member, asks

Q: my son is going to have a urine test tomorrow and he took a perocet/oxycodone last night, will it s

will it show up in the test? how long does it take for 1 to get out of your system




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libralynn, Community Member
9/23/08 11:13pm

Hi , does he have a presciption? If he does than it will be ok. As long as he has one they will write that down and note it on the drug test. They wont do anything. If he doesn't they will considerate street drugs. It will be at least 3 days before it is out of his system. Was he in pain when he took it, or just wanted to take it. Did he know he was having a drug test? It doesnt matter if it is 1 or 2 or three. Three days. If no pain why take it and take that risk.  I am not being rude by any means, but with all the chronic pain that we all have , to take it for fun ruins for people that are truelly ill.

 Good luck.  I mean no disrespect but it took 5 mths to finally find a dr that finally helped me today. And he gave the min of what I should be on and that was like winning the lottery. To have less pain for a few hours is something big.Yell

libralynn, Community Member
9/24/08 1:02am
I do have to ask one thing . Do have a script for i. As his mother I hope you did not give it to him, and thats not right. If you dont then where he got from is no better. If you do have a script than you should treat like gold. You should not be giving you meds out to anyone, especially your child. Still not trying to be rude. But hind sight is 20/20 and it does bother me that you are on this pain sight if you are able to just give your pills away. And if you didnt and you know your son is taking a controlled substance of the street than that is no better. If you have chronic pain like you say or did not say than you should not be on this site. I hate to get rude or disrespectful but we are all here for each other, and that is what this site is all about , to hear he took one pill is disgusting and shameful, we with chronic pain only wish we could have that one pill for just that moment of relief, but it does not work that way. Yes I changed my mind, all my pain and tears and not sleeping and having night mares of pain crying in my sleep and cant get that one pill , and YOUR SON CAN pisses me off. like i said before one pill is like winning the lottery , not two have pain for 1 on hour is a blessing. If you gave him that pill , that is one pill that one or all of has to suffer another day. Reply
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