• Sabine Sabine
    September 10, 2008
    How does one with Fibromyalgia find a job on the internet to do at home thats real?
    Sabine Sabine
    September 10, 2008

    How does one with Fibromyalgia find a job on the internet to do at home as homework?

    The social security office has turned me down but I am unable to work a regular job like I used to Im in a hole.  Where is real work on the internet that is not fraud for a person like me?

    Thank you;





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  • TK Hash September 11, 2008
    TK Hash
    September 11, 2008

    It is seriously all about what you can do, what kind of experience you have, education, etc.  There are jobs out there that you can work at home, but most employers are mandatory about having the experience either at home or outside the home. 

    There are jobs out there that consists of customer service, where you sit in front of the computer with a headset on and type information on a webpage that is  considered your 'inbox'. 

    There are other postions of employment, where you download files and transcribe information from doctors, lawyers, etc, but these positions, it is mandatory for you to have either the experience or education or both.  There are some companies that will train, but they are very few.

    Still another is where you can do secretarial jobs, but they also consist of transcription and doing other reports, where you have to know Excel, Powerpoint, Access, Publisher and of course Word.

    You can type in 'work from home jobs' on the internet and just start looking, they are out there, but research is the hardest and longest part of it.

    Make sure that you have a very professional looking resume, before you start and you itemize your positions of employment, very neatly and also make sure that you have three business references and three personal references, they WILL call.

    Good luck on your search and I hope all of the information I have given you has helped.


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