• divapress divapress
    September 08, 2008
    why do my legs hurt at night when I lay down
    divapress divapress
    September 08, 2008

    I have bunions that hurt  more when I'm on cement. and at night when Im lay down my legs hurt



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  • maria January 25, 2009
    January 25, 2009
         I   would  like  to  know  way  my  legs  hurt   every  night  when  I  lay   down   READ MORE
  • TK Hash September 08, 2008
    TK Hash
    September 08, 2008

    When standing with bunions, they tend to press against nerves that run in the legs, which all nerves are connected some way or how in the body, so at night, when you try to relax, the nerves that are so raw are still reacting to the pressure and it will not relieve it self for some time after lying down.

    I hope this answered your questions, but my suggestion would be to go and see a your PCP, due to their are other things that this could be, actually several things.  It would be safer for you to ask a physician and get some tests run on your legs, like a  veinous doppler or an MRI.


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