• nancy nancy
    June 02, 2009
    Burning pain across lower buttocks to outside hip area. Lack of range of movement.
    nancy nancy
    June 02, 2009

    I have had burning pain and a knot in my lower right buttocks to the outside hip area. The pain often goes down my leg. Sitting and especially getting up and moving again can be terrible. I usually have to be certain to elevate my right leg to prevent the compression and pincing that is obviously going on. I can walk alright afer sitting although it takes a few minutes for the circulation/weakness to adjust. Standing for more than an hour or being on my feet in a restricted movement type of area causes the area to feel inflamed and so achy. Laying on my right side can be so painful if I don't put a pillow between my legs. One of the most frustrating things is that I have limited mobility in the right hip/groin area and so I have trouble putting a sock or shoe on my right foot. Ice works and feels wonderful for temporary relief. This situation has caused me to limit my activity and so I worry about the lack of exercise and movement actually making matters worse. I am 52 and prior to this enjoyed walking and dancing. It has creeped up on me over the past 5-7 years and now seems to consume me. I am forced to continue working as a teacher as I am single. This certainly effects my relationships as I often feel I must just suck it up but feel the cloud of chronic discomfort all over me. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced the lack of range of movement on the effected side along with the burning and pain? I don't want to go through a string of medical evaluations that only result in nothing more than guesswork and trial remedies. Knowing that others are experiencing the same is certainly comforting when so often I feel that I am here visiting from another planet. Thank you to anyone who can offer a word or thought of advice. With peace and prayer to all of you! Nancy




  • Ginger July 19, 2009
    July 19, 2009

    I had robotic surgery for hysterectory Sept 2008 and I have experienced a problem for the past 6 months.  When I first get up in the morning, I'm okay sitting on the edge of the bed. When I try to stand and walk, for the first several steps I feel a terrible burning sensation in my hips (it is more of a feeling of weakness and burning).  It is extremely uncomfortable but goes away after walking around a little bit.  I'm usually pretty good all day at work.  When I come home and change my shoes or go barefoot then the weak, burning sensation comes back.  I can't bear to put unequal pressure on my hips.  I have to stand firmly on both feet or better yet, I must sit down to make it go away.  I don't know why different shoes with a slight difference in elevation of the heels causes so much discomfort.  It's awful.  Since it is in both hips evenly and occurs upon rising in the AM, I thought it might be my mattress.  I will ask my dr about it. Hopefully I find the cause & cure for this extreme discomfort.

    • Donald
      September 22, 2009
      September 22, 2009

      I am replying to you because I had an accident in '05 have experienced a lot of back and hip problems. I have an annular lesion in L5 compressing on S1 in the low back. I also experience burning and aching in the buttocks, sharp stabbing pains in my right hip, radiating down the leg, under my heel and toe area where it feels as if there has been a car parked on it. Mine started like yours, except with pressure in the low back.

      I would have the Neurosugeon-orthopedic check the lumbar for buldge or herniation,

      the sacrum consisting of the S1-S3, the femoral head for bone spurs, and also for piriformis syndrome. I presume you (hysterectomy), the piriformis muscle attaches the sacrum to the hip and if it or both spasm, it will pull an inward motion on the hip causing the femoral head not to rotate smoothly in the socket. This can cause spurs to build on the femoral head and could explain a lot of the burning and especially weakness of your hip and leg. I have about 20 pair of shoes and can only wear 3-4 pair depending on the weather. I have the same burning in my buttocks, and hip area, the radaiating pain in the leg and under the foot from letting this go for so lond due to workers comp neglect. Please do not put it off and contact an Orthopedic -Neurosurgeon, it can become debilitating if left for too long. I would definitely mention the piriformis muscle to him also because some Neurosurgeons put this to the side and an Orthopedic Surgeon takes this and spurs seriously, expertise in their area. Let me know what the Dr. says.

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  • first grade teacher November 05, 2009
    first grade teacher
    November 05, 2009

    I too am a teacher (first grade), age 53, female.  I have the same pain.  I go to a center for pain relief and have the nerves burned.  Sounds awful, feels great!  It lasts about 9 mos. to a year and then I have it again.  Your first step is to find a center.  Next, you will need an MRI.  You probably have bone spurs which are stabbing into your nerves.  It is excruciating.  I still have pain, but it is manageable with Lortab.  Good Luck!

  • teachermik October 11, 2009
    October 11, 2009

    Have you had your sciatic checked?  My husband had horrible, dibilitating pain for years (just as you described) and finally went to a chiropractor.  After the 1st visit, he could stand upright, walk, and bend over virtually pain free.  After the 2nd visit, he was the happiest man on the face of the earth!  He goes back when needed (about every 6 months or so) and that was about 3 years ago.  I, personally, started having the same pain a few months ago, went to the chiro, and had the same amazing results.  The chiropractor showed me a few stretching exercises that I could do at home to help...which they did.  Good luck!

  • delray_bob October 14, 2009
    October 14, 2009

    I had a left hip replacement in September 2008.  Since then I experiance a burning pain in my lower buttocks both sides and some sharp pains on my right hip.  I have been taking oxycodone 15mg twice a day for it I need one pill in the AM to be able to move and another at 6PM  to ward off the pain.  I have been extremely lucky because I have been faithful to only 2, 15mg pills a day.  The doctor's nurse said, "You may have to do this the rest of your life".  I hope I can get better answers than that. Wish you luck at least I feel like this is not my mind that tricking me.

  • Hilde October 16, 2009
    October 16, 2009

    Hi - well I am 56 and you have just described the last 5 - 6 years of my life!  I did have a sciatic injury in my 20s and have not had any trouble with it that I am aware of, but it may be linked.  GP said I had stiff hips, and I had a couple of sessions of physio and then the physio left and I was left stranded!  Wakes me up at night and I stumble around like a very elderly lady,what@s to do?  All I can say is you are not alone!  P.S. Am trying to drink more water to keep hydrated.

  • AGNES February 14, 2012
    February 14, 2012

    Dear nancy I feel i am suffering from the same as you, I have the burning but its both sides of my thights and also my buttocks its murder and I also have it in my lower back, its been almost two years since it started firstly in my lower back and it has spread into my buttocks now and yes I thought I knew what pain was untill I took this. I cant sleep and many times I have spoke to my GP but I feel either they dont know what is wrong with me, or they just dont care  Another thing when I go to bed its at its worst as i cant lie on any side or my back either as i feel someone has set me on fire and i am lucky if i get about two to three hours sleep every night, i am going back to my GP so tell them i want something done and soon, as i cant live with this any longer thankyou for lissening.         Agnes.       14/2/2012Frown

    • Hector
      July 28, 2012
      July 28, 2012

      I have been having this type of pain, burning sensation in my buttocks for about 4 weeks now.   This started 6 months after I went on a 1200 calorie diet and losing 90 pounds.  The reason for this - low levels of D vitamin and calcium which have given me an illness called Osteomalacia.  I was just diagnosed with the disease and the only thing that can really be done about it is take vitamin supplements.   My doctor said it will take a few weeks maybe months for this pain to go away even if my levels of D vitamins and calcium come back to normal.  This is because the damage to the bone has already been done, and it needs time to regenerate/heal.

      So, for everybody here experiencing this problem and not finding a reason, you may want to as your doctor to test your vitamin D/B/calcium levels.  And read up on osteomalacia.  Good luck!   

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  • padraic April 06, 2014
    April 06, 2014

    Hi, I am 24 year old male, i recently was in hospital with kidney stones, when they done a CT scan they noticed i had hips the age of a 60-70 year old. My concern is i have always had really bad continues pain in my legs and lower back. I am in alot of discomfort now and aching pain in my hips and back. I work as a garden designer, and building of gardens. Would I be best of waiting to hear from the doctors or keep working. My hips have started to click and make noises but unsure if any of this relates

  • Rick November 09, 2011
    November 09, 2011

    CryI have the same problem, my GP has perscribed Tramadol & Gabapentin helped a little bit but now the pain is getting worse I get no comfort sitting or laying in bed I toss and turn all night and its effecting my home life im constantly in pain, I will try anything to be pain free.


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