• childlikefaith48 childlikefaith48
    November 26, 2009
    Pain in hip, bottem, down leg to foot
    childlikefaith48 childlikefaith48
    November 26, 2009

    Hello, I had a MRI done on my spine and today the doctor said that I had Spinal Arthritis, Protrusion of the Disc, some nerve damage and a small cyst on the spine.  My right shoulder and arm kills me at times and my left hip, buttox moving down my leg and into my feet. I can't lay on my side to sleep and my feet are going numb now. Trying to sleep and seating to long or standing in one place for to long kills me.  I'm 53 and feel like I am falling apart.  I don't have Medical Insurance but had found a program that is paying for my test and will pay for treatment. ( Praise God ) The doctor said I should get some kind of shots in my back and rehab. I'm worried about the shots and he did not focus on my hip and leg problem at all.  I asked him if the things the MRI showed could be causeing my hip and leg problem and he said will go ahead and get the shots and if they work then will know that is whats causeing it. Geeeeh  I guess because I don't have Medical Insurance then he doesn't want to do MRIs on my legs.   My question is : is the shot safe and what can I do to help the pain so I can sleep at night. I have been in tears more then once over this.  I feel helpless.   Thank you Carol



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  • Greg December 16, 2009
    December 16, 2009



    I had the same type of pain. It started in my left hip down the outside part of my leg to my knee and the top of my foot. I got a steroid shot in my bursa and it helped a lot. It took a about a week to get the full benefit. The bursa was putting pressure on the sciatic nerve.

    • childlikefaith48
      December 17, 2009
      December 17, 2009

      Hi Greg, what is a bursa? I am in Ph Therophy right now and geeeh sometimes it really hurts. The therophest said he thinks that a joint ( or something like that ) is putting pressure on the sciatic nerve. my left leg was a little longer then the other and when they get done each time it is the same. I don't know.  I am working on putting a rolled up towle behind my back when I drive and seat for a long period of time. Keeps me seating up straight.  I was worried about getting the shot, number one I hate shot. lol number 2 I was worried about it hurting alot since it is in the back.  Sorry for the mispelled works.  God Bless you   Carol and Merry Christmas!!

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  • cynthia February 03, 2010
    February 03, 2010

    Hello, Iam 53 years old about 4 years ago i was teaching my granddaughter how to hopscoth as i jumped on my right foot i got the most hurting on my right hip it hurt so much i felt like i was going to die, i got a shot once on the hip cordozone but it did nothing for me but the shot hurt like heck,i have been suffering for 4 yrs the pain measures over 100 if you ask. i am being told i have bursitis nothing works for the pain .now about 3 months ago i started not being able to put my right foot on the ground sooooooooooooo much pain the heel part of my foot,the weirdess thing is ,that when i touch it it doesn't hurt only to stand on it. .from my right hip to my heel hurts so much its unbearable can anyone help here  thank you.

  • painfull January 19, 2010
    January 19, 2010

    Oh my God, you sound like me, a month ago. Horrible pain in my hip, to my leg, down to my feet and under my feet. I am a nurse and walking almost became impossible for me. Just as i was about to give up, my rheumatologist referred me to a podiatrist, who God bless game me some shoe inserts. They are green in color, hard and a life safer. I went to work the following week a different person. I know i have to deal with the bulging disc later on, but that i can move without pulling my hair out is amazing. He also gave me some shoe thing that stretches my feet at night or when am not moving. Its like a feet sling. I paid $ 40 for the inserts at his office. I got 3 pairs for all my shoes.

     hope it helps.

  • INPAINAT53 October 31, 2012
    October 31, 2012
    I have the same type of thing.. they first diagnosed me a having fibromialgia and restless leg syndrome.   I find that laying on the floor and having someone pull my leg over by head as far as I can will stretch the muscles and work them until they are tired and then I can get some sleep... an excercize band works really well to. It is touch getting to the bottom of what is wrong, but keep praying as our Lord made us and our Lord knows how to fix  us... both mentally and physically.   READ MORE
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