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Q: Has anyone taken Curamin for pain relief?


I recently was told the possible benefits of taking a natural supplement called Curamin. It is a combo of Curcumin, Curcuminoid, Boswella, DLPA & Nattokinase. I have taken it a few times and have gotten some relief. I have back & neck pain, fibromyalgia, knee pain and get migraine headaches. Has anyone heard of this or taken it? What did you experience?



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Karen Lee Richards, Health Guide
4/12/09 5:22am

I haven't taken it, but I've read about it.  It's ingredients are said to be natural anti-inflammatories and so it makes sense that it could be helpful in relieving any pain caused by inflammation.  I found it interesting that MD Anderson, the renowned cancer institute, is investigating its ingredient Curcumin for its anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory effects.  I hope you'll sharepost and keep us updated us on how it's working for you.

ladykingek, Community Member
3/16/10 7:40pm

 I have been taking Curamin for several months.  I have extremely severe lower back pain and four compressed discs.  I cannot stand up straight in the morning upon waking.  I take two Curamin in the am and about 30-40 minutes later the pain while not totally gone has diminished substantially.  I take it again in the afternoon and sometimes in the evening.  It does not upset my stomach one bit and I can take it on an empty stomach although i usually do eat something and drink some form of liquid.  I am so impressed with the product that i now sell it on my ebay site and phoned the corporate headquaters to tell them how truly great it is.    I have further noticed that it seems be have some residual effect as it seems to work better the longer I take it.  It truly does all that it says and more.  Feel free to email me at  or see my story here:


I really understand chronic pain...and this helps me to not make those awful faces i have been making for a couple of years. Thanks curamin!  I am a fan for life!


Jesus Garcia, Community Member
9/ 5/12 9:33pm

Yes, my Father has.  My father was in Loma Linda Hospital where he was diagnosed with congested lungs and heatrt. He was at home using a walker cause of a pain in his lower back that surgery nor cortizone shots were able to help. He got dizzy fainted hurting his back more and was ambulanced to hospital. they treated a kidney infection and with diuretecs flushed excess water (he had swollen ankles and legs) and said his heart was is working at 15 %. a week into his stay they finally treated his severe back pain. He couldn't move or turn wiyhout assistance. He told the Doctors that he didn't want to continue living with the pain so they started giving him pain medication starting with Norco then something else that worked temporarily but had him slurring his words and in a drug daze. with the swelling and water out of his body he was sent home to Hospice (a company that does in home care for patients that were targeted to die. At home none of the pain medication, even the morphine were able to offer any pain relief. I happened to drive by a nutritional store and asked what was the best thing they had for pain and they recommended Cuamin which they ran out of and gave me a brochure. I read it and it seemed like a miracle pill. I went to another store, bought it, and gave my dad 3 2,181 mg. pills and in less than 2 hours his pain subsided. In addition he hasn't had to take his daily insulin injections and has gotten better and is sitting up and with his walker, going to the bathroom by himself.


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