• GeoMen GeoMen
    June 23, 2009
    Can spine surgery cause tingling fingers?
    GeoMen GeoMen
    June 23, 2009

    I had cervical laminectomy on C4 and have had constant pain since then. My right hand is numb and my fingers tingle, and if I use my hand for too long it feels like my fingers will burst. Recently I started feeling the same type of pain in my left arm. Could this have been caused by surgery?




  • Stevie December 07, 2009
    December 07, 2009

    I have had the same exact symptoms for over 5 years now and went thru the nerve conduction testing and was told I had compression in both elbows , the neck and hands.  I went to a Ortho and he convinced me to start at the hands and work my way up, so I had the carpal tunnel release and now after a year my symptoms in that hand are worse.  I have a very painful neck and MRI showed osteophytes as well as loss of disc height.  I know a lot of the symptoms I am having in my hands and arms are probably from the neck but I  can tell it is coming from the ulnar also.  The feeling like your hands have been injected with novicaine and going to burst is the most irritating to me plus I can't hold a phone to my ear but maybe a few seconds and it gets worse.  I even have a feeling of loss of sensation in my arm pit area. My thoughts on this is once a compression occurs higher up as in the neck, then it makes it easier for compressions to happen along the route as in the elbow and the hand. I have not wanted surgery on my neck what so ever as that is a little scary and it seems if you had that done and got worse then surgery isn't the answer. I think maybe some form of tissue manipulation , deep rolfing or massage to break up scarring. I wish you the best, ran a crossed this and know what your going thru, others can't and some times I feel like people think I am making it all up.

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