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Friday, October 29, 2010 kirk, Community Member, asks

Q: What Causes Persistent Hunger Pains?

I am hungry constantly.  The symptom is relieved for only 5-10 minutes after eating, then returns.  Have been to numerous gastroenterologists and had every IBS/Crohns/Colitis related test several times over.  Though the diagnoses vary, no one has been able to identify or cure this.  (Stool tests are always negative for parasites; colonoscopies/endoscopies come back negative.)  


The only abnormality that has shown up is a "slightly inflamed Ileum" - but I'm told that would never create this kind of severe condition.  One GI Dr. listed it on some form - reluctantly - as "mild Crohn's."  I said doctor, there's nothing mild about this!!


I monitor my diet VERY carefully and eat as well as I can - which must be helping on some overall level - but does not remedy the chronic hunger.  I try reducing stress as much as possible and do meditation and deep breathing...which is a pleasure...but doesn't seem to affect symptoms.


Needless to say, severe fatigue/lethargy accompanies this condition.


Any thoughts?


My gratitude!

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Karen Lee Richards, Health Guide
11/ 3/10 5:32am

I'm afraid your question is outside my area of expertise but I did some searching to see if I could find anything that might help you.  One thing I found out is that you're not alone.  When I did a Google search for chronic hunger pains, I found several forums where people were discussing very similar symptoms as well as similar difficulty in getting a diagnosis. 


There is a site called WrongDiagnosis.com that lists 70 possible causes of excessive hunger.  Perhaps that will give you more possibilities to discuss with your doctor.  Here's the link:  Excessive Hunger


Good luck to you.  I hope you're able to get some help soon.

kirk, Community Member
11/ 3/10 9:25am

Thanks tremendously for your attention to this and for taking the time to search out relevant info.  While I'm not pleased to know others have similar conditions, it is - paradoxically - comforting to know I'm not alone.  I'll go now to WrongDiagnosis.com to see what I can sleuth out there.  And continued gratitude for your help and good wishes!  My very best to you as well.  :)

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