• elizabeth jacobs elizabeth jacobs
    November 19, 2011
    How can I ease back, sciatic, and nerve pain?
    elizabeth jacobs elizabeth jacobs
    November 19, 2011

    I am having weakness in both legs, back pain, sciatic pain, and numbness down to the foot in my right leg. I have old compression fractures in L4-5 and S1, and I can only sleep on my left side, since lying on my right side causes immediate numbness with excruciating sciatic pain. I am unable to exercise, sit, or stand for more than one hour. I also will get very sharp and intense pain, like getting an electrical shock (only lasting about 30 seconds to a minute) on the bottom of my feet.  What can I do to relieve this pain?



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  • Amy Tudor July 25, 2014
    Amy Tudor
    July 25, 2014

    Hi there Elizabeth -


    Did you ever find relief for this pain you were in? If you did, you might consider coming back and telling everyone what your doctors said you could do for the pain. Your spine has been through a lot, so it's not surprising that you're having all these symptoms. It sounds like you're suffering some nerve impingement that's causing this weakness, along with symptoms of neuropathy (nerve pain), which is likely due to the problems in your back. I hope you were able to find some relief!


    Here are some links that you might find useful.  Good luck to you!


    Sciatica – An Overview

    Disc Herniation: What is It?


    What Can Be Done for Nerve Pain?



  • Louise Cammerly November 19, 2011
    Louise Cammerly
    November 19, 2011

    You have 1 or more ruptured discs at L5 or L4 orboth. In 10 years I've had 7 surgeries in those areas, including one fusion at L5. In all of my surgeries not one helped cure the pain. In fact they just made it worse. In fact if it weren't for Lor-Tab 10, Vicodan 750 and occasional oxycodone, I couldn't function at all. And , Oh yes I can't sleep for over an hour and only on my right side. I'm 69 and still enjoy life because of my knife, gun and car collections.

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