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    October 18, 2010
    How do you go about getting a new pain management doctor after you have been dismissed from another pain management doctor for taking a medication that was not prescribed to you?
    Help220 Help220
    October 18, 2010

    Let me explain my situation. I had been seeing a rheumatologist for chronic pain (mostly back), she diagnosed me with fibromyalgia. She has me on Percocet with vicoden for breakthrough pain. I was still experiencing break through pain so she said she would have to refer me to a pain management doc because she felt I needed methadone (I had been told by an ER doc I was allergic to morphine). I went to this pain management doc, who did x-rays of my back and found out that on top of my fibro, I had 2 herniated disks and 6 pinched nerves; he then put me on 90 mgs. Of methadone a day. After a month I really didn't like the side effects of the methadone, but they encouraged me to keep taking it and the side effects would get better. Well, after 3 months the side effects did not get better and they finally decided to wean me off. It took over 8 months and was excruciating (they never told me how bad coming off it would be when I started it). When I got down to 10 mgs. it was having horrible withdrawals but continued weaning by 2.5 mgs every 2 weeks. When I just got down to 2.5 mgs. I ended up needing my gallbladder out (not related). When the surgeon admitted me to the hospital he stopped my methadone completely. I was given diluadid 2mg IV for my gallbladder pain and it also helped with my chronic back pain. When I was discharged from the surgery I was given percocet, which didn't really help any of my pain. Here is when I had to cancel one of my pain management appointments because of the surgery. Well, when I was in the hospital I found out my father was terminally ill with cancer; he didn't have much time to live. He wanted to go home, which he did and I became his primary caregiver. I took care of my dad 24/7 for a month and then he passed away. So during that time I had to cancel another pain management appointment. The day my dad passed was the day I stopped taking my methadone completely. I called to make an appointment with my pain management doc, but the soonest they could get me in was 3 weeks. I was fine the first 2 days off the methadone, and then began getting really bad pain in my legs and lower back. I still had methadone but just wanted off the stuff, so I took one of the diluadid (2mg) that I had left over from my dad. Well, I did this maybe 10 times in the 3 weeks before my next pain management appointment (I was not getting high from these, they just help take the edge off, and if you see that I only took 10 in a 3 week period, then I wasn't even taking one a day, I was only taking them when I could not stand the pain). Well, when I went to my appointment the doc asked how much methadone I was taking and I told him I stopped and when he asked me what I was doing for pain I told him I was just taking over the counter stuff, but that I was in a lot of pain. At first, he asked me if I had ever tried opana (sp) I said no and he wrote me a script. Well, then I go to the waiting room to wait for my script and ask the nurse if that medication comes in generic (my insurance will only pay for generic), she asks the doc he says no and she shreds the script and tells me he going to write a new one. Well, the next thing I know she is coming at me with a urine cup and says the doc wants me to take a drug test. So I do it (leave it in a public bathroom without my name on it, like instructed) and then she asks me if I have taken any narcotics in the past month, I tell her that when I had my surgery I was given diluadid and percocet and then tell her my psych meds (I have post-traumatic stress disorder), so I take valium and seroquel. I didn't tell that I was taking diluadid at home; I told her I took a percocet the week before. I don't know if they can tell the difference between medications in a urine screen, but I feel like I am going to be dismissed from the group. Before I left they gave me a script for a month’s supply of percocet, but I am supposed to go back in two weeks. I feel like I am going to be dismissed from the group, but then what I am supposed to do, if they can tell the difference between the drugs and I try to go to a new doc and they get the records won't they refuse to see me. I realize I messed up, but I have a chronic pain problem,,,I am also really hoping if the group I see now decided to dismiss me they just send me a letter because I have no idea what to say if they confront me with it at the next appointment. This is causing me such bad anxiety that I haven't even been taking as much Percocet as they prescribed me so I can prove I am not abusing, I can't sleep, eat, I don't know what to do...help!



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  • Dianna February 15, 2011
    February 15, 2011

    Be upfront and honest and bring all documentation you can. The new doctor will then decide for himself. I would suggest offering to submit to drug testing however frequent and strict adherence to the pain contract. Opioid therapy for chronic pain is a privilige and not a right as far as physicians are concerned. Keep your medication in a lock box.

  • Reruho October 23, 2010
    October 23, 2010
    First let me say you may have a very bad situation on your hands.    Did the surgeon contact your Pm about the medication he prescribed? Accepting a prescription for pain meds from another doctor without clearnace from your PM can get you dismissed.   I don't know if they were ok with you missing so many appointments, since you did have excellent reasons, because missing that many appointments can get you dismissed.    And now you have the fact that you were not up front about what you had been taking. If your urinanalysis comes back positive, it will will be a dismissal.   If you get dismissed, it will be very difficult to find another doctor and if you do, then you have be required to jump through hoops, probably monthly urine screenings at the mininum and only non-narcotic meds.   I don't have any answers for you but I will pray things work out for you. They may send you a letter of dismissal, so if nothing has come in the mail, that may be a good sign. Pain doctors have us over a barrel and we have very few options, if any at all.   Good luck. Reta READ MORE
  • erin December 01, 2011
    December 01, 2011

    anxiety is a killer, so think about youself and talk to your dr, about if you don't take chronic pain meds  and anxiety over whelms you , what difference dose it make in a catch 22 situation , tp love ya. 

  • flutterbye July 12, 2011
    July 12, 2011

    Unfortunately in this day and age all of us with chronic pain are immediately looked at as if we are either drug addicts,dealers or both. Not someone with low to no quality of life!! A) How old are you? and B) what state do you live in? I know that when my car accidents happened and was diagnosed with Fibro/CFS,permanent right leg nerve pain, had one of 10 major surgeries to have my lower back fused L4/L5 and on and on,I lived in SW Florida. I then moved back to my home state of Maryland where one of many Doctors I saw who practiced with John Hopkins came into the exam room and before even saying Hi my name is Dr. so and so He in a raised voice said A) Fibro is a bullshit disease (exact words!) and B) that He was appr. my age and he too woke with aches and pains and it had to do with plain old getting older I am now 45 and at the time was 41.

        Your not alone and none of us are trying to blow you off! I now live in New York State and for the last 3yrs. have never been so miserable in my life!! As of last Dec. I had to start flying back down to Fla. just to see my old Doctor/Pain Management. I am luckily moving back down to Fla. approx. Sept.1st. My Husband has been laid off and I hate to sound mean and selfish but I'm glad!!

          The Pain Manag. doc here which no I do not see both at once I could be arrested! Said to me that the Doctor in Fla. would definetly kill me! B.S.! He's compassionate and caring and extremely proffessional!! I am on disability but praying after 10yrs of not being able to work I can part time once I get back there and He will be the doc. that makes that possible!! I am getting ready to become a Grandmother and if I continued to live here I would never be able to interact with my Grandbaby!! And Thank God all my Children live in Florida!

            Anyway the description you have givin of your leg sounds like nerve damage,because it sounds just like my leg(right) Have you had an MRI done of your lower back? I know it's not as good as opiates but only ice works for mine (sometimes) and if you have a tens unit or know someone that does put the nodes right where the pain is.

              Like your other responses have told you your just going to have to suck it up and be totally honest and even tell them why you didn't feel comfortable being honest in the first place! If this Doctor has any compassion He/She will understand!

             If you would like to stay in contact further please write to flutterbye_1966@yahoo.com my name is Becky. And God know's I've been through it all and more!! And if your on Facebook look me up under Becky(Badger) Hevner. There are really some great chronic pain groups on facebook also! Best of luck and hope to hear from you soon and maybe I can even help you keep your doc or find another!, Becky 

    • flutterbye
      July 12, 2011
      July 12, 2011

      One other thing, the best way I found to not be put on drugs I do not want to take,because of things like bad side effects or reading very bad things about them is to tell the doc. right off the bat that you are allergic to them and give you side effects such as closing of the throat and hard time breathing. Works everytime!! That's how I got out of taking things like Methadone! LOL!! 

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