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Monday, August 18, 2008 pat, Community Member, asks

Q: does hydrocodone-apap 5-500 contain any NSAID

does it contain aspirin or nsaid druge

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Cort, Health Guide
8/20/08 12:32am

Hydrocodone APAP contains acetaminophen. The 500 refers to how many mgs. of acetaminophen are found in each pill (the 5 refers to hydrocodone). Most hydrocodone (lortab,lorcet, etc.)  and oxycodone medications contain acetaminophen. Acetaminophen enhances the pain effectiveness of hydrocodone, an important fact because of hydrocodone's narcotic properties; the less of it needed the better.

joyce e. krul, Community Member
10/ 9/10 8:07pm

I have been taking Tizanadine2mgand Oxycodone10 mg  for over a year and develope bone spurs in my ankle so went to podiatrist who prescrbed piroxicam 20mg. for 21 days 3 days following the piroxicam  developed stomach pains i had a colonoscopy inthe hospital yesterday, the questions are am i going to die and what medications should i take since the tizanidine  and oxycodone contain NSAID i am still not feeling well. a reply Doctor would be appreciated. Thank you  

Electrolyte, Community Member
4/20/11 12:41am

No, I don't think you will die, but you need to follow your doctor's recommendations.  It sounds as if you are having side effects from intensive NSAID therapy.  Piroxicam use can result in gastrointestinal toxicity, tinnitus, dizziness, headache, rash, and pruritus. The most severe adverse reactions are peptic ulceration, gastrointestinal bleeding, and severe skin reactions including Stevens-Johnson_syndrome and toxic epidermal necrolysis.There are medications that help your stomach deal with NSAIDS, such as Misoprostol, but if you are experiencing such severe side effects you should really consult a  gastroenterologist for subsequent treatment.  Your family doctor or internist should be able to refer you to one in your area.  Until your consult, you should abide  your physicians suggestions, but if these symtoms were mine own, I would stop treating with NSAIDS (tylenol might be  acceptable if needed with Oxycodone) until I was able  to  be  tested for reactions to your NSAID use.  Please note that I am not a medical doctor.  Good luck to you.

wholeone, Community Member
6/18/09 4:24pm

does hydrocone-apap 5-500 contain aspirin?

Krystal Selvidge, Community Member
12/ 2/10 12:08pm

Nope. I'm allergic to both nsaids and asprin which is an nsaid as well. i take hydrocodone daily with no problems just a high tolerance.

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