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Thursday, July 31, 2008 lillmiss, Community Member, asks

Q: I have pain in my leg that started in my left foot and is now all through my leg.

The pain started yesterday in my left foot. First was my big toe, then it went to the top of my foot and now it is all through my left leg. It feels as though my leg is bruised inside and it is very sensitive to cold on the outside. I have had this before but not as bad. Please answer if you know anything I could do for it.

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tj, Community Member
7/31/08 4:14pm

I suggest you contact your internist and a podiatrist.  Following lumbar fusion surgery in May, I had severe right foot & leg pain whose symptoms mimic yours.  First thought was a reaction to surgery.  However after testing for gout (negative), recieving  3 injections to my symptheic nervous sysytem (which provided significatn relief but not complete) I saw a podiatrist.  I have a fracture in foot below big toe and Plantars.  Plantar facious is very common.  Prior to surgery I ignored the Plantar and blamed my foot pain on my over exursion and  the result of a "bad back".  I urge you to see a podiatrist even it is to rule it out.  I have had an xray & MRI  of my foot.  Both interist & orthopedic doctor missed the fracture on the xray but the podi. saw it immediatly.

Wish you the best and a speedy healing.



lillmiss, Community Member
7/31/08 5:01pm

Just to let everyone know I went to a walk-in clinic and they are not 100% positive but they believe it's shingles, I've be told to wait a couple days and keep looking for a rash on my leg. I really hope that's not what it is. And I will be going back in a couple days if pain persists. Even running my hand over my leg hurts, so if anyone has this or has had it in the past and has been told something different I would like to hear from you.

Thank you


maria lawson, Community Member
6/19/10 2:54pm

I have similar pain in my left big toe, burning, painful to the touch. Difficult to wear shoes, patch of itchy blisters on the front of leg and extreme aching pain inside of leg that radiates up and down leg.  but not painful to touch.  As I scratch, which I no is bad, the blisters sometimes new blisters sometimes pop up.  However, I am going to my podiatrist ASAP because all my primary physician sees after xrays is arthritis.  I am frustrated and confused but I will follow up on this email ques. with any new info.  from the podiatristsUndecided

Lisa, Community Member
6/28/10 12:50am

I get occasionally where my skin is real sensitive and it will start from my ankle and work its way up my leg.  It hurts to touch and have anything on it.  It lasts for a week.  My neuro said she thinks its my sciatica and did a nerve conductor test on me.  Sure enough I have neuropathy in both legs and feet.

Renee Culver, Editor
7/21/14 12:44am

Hi Lilmiss,


I saw that you updated with the news that this was shingles (most likely). I am glad you got an answer, and I hope that your treatment helped the pain. Thanks for keeping people updated!



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