• Feeling Ill Feeling Ill
    November 19, 2008
    Chest/Upper Back pain
    Feeling Ill Feeling Ill
    November 19, 2008



    I started getting this pain/pressure in my chest last week predominantly on my left side. It would last for a couple of hours. I didn't have difficulty breathing, but I did have a bit of shortness of breath, where I'd take deeper breaths. Then on Monday it started switching to my back. So it would go from my chest to my upper back (same side). I saw the doctor that day and she sent me for an ECG and a chest xray (no results yet). Now the pain in the upper back has turned into like a "cool" sensation and pain/discomfort. This morning I felt it a bit on the right side of my back too.


    I'm a 28 year old female in good health, with normally low blood pressure (90/60). The doc checked my pulse and bp and everything seemed normal. I've tried anti-inflammatory drugs as well as just tylenol, I've also tried laying down or sitting up or moving and nothing makes it go away.


    I've also been getting a lot of numbness/tingling in my left arm and some weakness that comes for about a half hour and disappears. I've also been getting this heavy feeling in my right leg that is really bothersome, but I've been getting both of these for almost a year though so don't know if its related to the chest/back pain (had spine and head MRI earlier this year and it was clear).


    Any ideas what this could be?



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