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Sunday, August 30, 2009 skeetelmore65, Community Member, asks

Q: Fentanyl patch(50mcg),to (75mcg)make me so nausiated, but I will get adjusted to it,right?

I have been on Fentanyl 50mcg. for @ two yrs. and my pain somedays are so unbearable, I just wanted to know if It'd be worth the nausea and how long does it last if I went up to the 75 mcg..I took it last summer 'cause my pain was just so unbearable and I didn't do half of what I can now.but went back down to 50mcg. I at least can do some things around the house...not saying I don't pay for it, but I think its worth it just to get things accomplished. I am so driven even the doc has told me to slow down, but just love to work..yes, you heard me right..I love to work 'cause it makes me feel alive. So, should I try it again and see @ nausea 'cause pain hurts all over and I have got to be active.How long does the nausea last and what can I take for it and please don't say Phenergan 'cause it makes me sleep and feel so groggy. Isn't there something else for the nausea besides that? I just need relief. Doc is talking @ putting some sort of ball in my abdomen that goes directly to spine. Is that a good idea and has someone had it done? I am one of those people that just can't lay in bed all day and do nothing. I know it might sound good to those who do work and it's fine for maybe a wk. or two but not for 4 yrs. Thanks if you repy,K

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kupton38, Community Member
1/28/11 10:16pm

 for vomitting- Metoclopramide (INN) (IPA: ) is a potent dopamine receptor antagonist used for its antiemetic and prokinetic properties. Thus it is primarily used to treat nausea and vomiting, and to facilitate gastric emptying in patients with gastric stasis.
It is available under various trade names including: Maxolon (Shire/Valeant), Reglan (Wyeth), Degan (Lek), Maxeran (Sanofi Aventis), Primperan (Sanofi Aventis), and Pylomid (Bosnalijek).


all of which you would need a script for. or simply let your doc know that the phen. you didn't like.

GOD bless you, and good luck!

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