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Monday, October 18, 2010 Jpuzzled, Community Member, asks

Q: Good Pain Doctors near Milwaukee, WI?

I am suffering from Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue & Multiple Sclerosis. My pain has forced me to stop working & I am bed ridden some days & I cannot even clean my house without being laid up for days afterward. I have tried EVERYTHING for Fibro and currently take 600 mg of neurontin 3x/day, Tramadol & Cymbalta (among many other things for depression, MS & fatigue) because none of the millions of meds I've tried helped at all. I was seeing a pain management specialist for about a year after my PCP referred me to him since all meds for my pain failed but he moved out of state & the clinic I was going to accused me of violating my contract & is refusing to treat me. I'm only 27 & I feel like my life is out of control. When I was with my PMP I was taking 30mg MS Contin/day plus 15mg Oxycodone/day and I was able to work full time & only had a few bad days here & there. Now I am looking for another PMP b/c my PCP is not comfortable prescribing narcotics. I've tried several docs since being let go from the first pain management clinic but they all say they will not give me the narcotics I need. I live just north of Milwaukee, WI. Does anyone know of any good pain management docs in this area? I cannot keep living like this...I just want my life back! Please help!
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Cort, Health Guide
10/21/10 11:37am

I'm sorry about all your troubles. Fibromyalgia is a complex disease and many doctors are not effective at treating it. You might try the National Fibromyalgia Association - they have a large list of FM groups and I'm sure there must be some in your area. You might want to contact them to see if they can recommend a good FM doctor in your area. also is a program you can search to find pain clinics in your area. Good luck!

Jpuzzled, Community Member
10/21/10 1:27pm

Thanks so much for the suggestions!  Laughing


twhorse, Community Member
2/21/11 3:28pm

I feel for you, I have pretty much the same issues you do and have gone through hell trying to find a doctor that usnderstands my pain and condition for what it is and doesnt look at me like a drug seeker ive become depressed and look forward to bed everyday, i know of a dr that would  probably treat you but hes in appleton. please respond it would be nice to talk, good luck !  


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michael thompson, Community Member
2/ 7/13 4:21pm

I have terrible pain from a major car accident and just moved to milwaukee I 

Need help finding a good pain doc in this area...thanks

Home Mom, Community Member
11/12/10 7:44am

On the north side of Milwaukee I was going to Milwaukee Pain Treatment..Dr David Stein.  He does prescribe narcotics..I was getting Vicodin from him and eventually got Oxycodone from him. His website is: (414-257-4673).


I have been diagnosed with Fibro as is a miserable condition...I also had to stop working and am home most of the time.


Good luck to you.



tstar70, Community Member
5/ 7/11 10:36am

I just came across this and I'm in the same situation trying to find a good doc for the same reasons along with a bad back I had surgery on. I also live about 30 miles north of Milwaukee and the Doc I am seeing is tapering me off everything, and the pain is getting out of control. I realize this post is old but I'm hoping someone can still help!! Thank you

Jpuzzled, Community Member
5/ 7/11 3:22pm

NO Problem!  I have been meaning to get on here for awhile...

I suggest you open an account on

I have been seeing the pain doc for Milwaukee area for awhile now & he is GREAT!  You only have to see the doc every 4 months otherwise it is telephone convos for couple minutes each month confirming you're ok & doing better.

I would try that

Tiredofpain, Community Member
5/26/11 7:12pm

Just out of curiosity, which Dr were you seeing? I also live north of Milwaukee and am looking for another Dr.

mbudney, Community Member
6/27/11 1:46am

Im wondering if you found someone?? Thank you

Jpuzzled, Community Member
9/11/12 9:27pm

I now go to Sethi Medical Clinic on 76th & Burleigh in Milwaukee.

Its kind of a hike from where I am but its totally worth it.  I have a doctor that I LOVE!  I've been a patient of his now for almost 2 years and he is wonderful!  I've followed him to several clinics but this is his permanant clinic now.

Just make an appointment there & any doctor there will be able to help with your chronic pain

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