• Pimanee Pimanee
    March 16, 2009
    3rd toe pain & white spot??
    Pimanee Pimanee
    March 16, 2009

    CryIn addition to the pain I have in my 3rd toe, I've noticed a spot about the size of your thumb that has turned white and looks indented on the top of my foot about where the 2nd toe joins the foot. You can see all of the blue blood vessels in my right foot, but none in the left. (Very scary looking) I still have pain every time I step, but the pain is in the 3rd toe.  Went to MD on March 2nd and was told it's Morton's Neuroma, so I received a cortisone injection, but this has not helped at all. Any other suggestions or ideas?



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  • Becky M. March 17, 2009
    Becky M.
    March 17, 2009
    I ran across your question and couldn't help but answer. I just had surgery on a morton's neuroma on my right foot. Your description of symptoms is what caught my attention. My neuroma was excruciating before it was removed. The pathology said neuroma 2.5 cm x 1.5 cm x .05 cm. Big growth on the nerve. The podiatrist removed the neuroma along with the nerve it was growing on. I am recovering from surgery right now. Get it taken out before you go so very long as I did. Mine was very large, but any growth on a nerve can even cause pain clear up to the back of your leg if you let it go. Good luck. READ MORE
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