• Ann Mulligan Ann Mulligan
    May 06, 2009
    Can you suggest ways of lowering high levels of mercury in my system
    Ann Mulligan Ann Mulligan
    May 06, 2009

    In a recent urine test for mineral analysis quoted in mcg/g Creatinine, my Mercury level was shown to be 22.33 where the acceptable range was <1.00 . I would like to hear your suggestions on the best ways to reduce this to a more normal level. 



  • Cort
    Health Guide
    May 07, 2009
    Health Guide
    May 06, 2009

    One question, of course, is why your mercury levels are so high. If you're still being exposed to mercury then you need to remove the source before your levels will come down.


    If you look around the internet you can find various mercury detoxification protocols. My advice based on talking to people who have had mercury problems is to take it easy. If the detoxification process gets too uncomfortable cut back - do not push it too far. 


    If you remove the source your body should begin to remove the mercury. I had a problem with mercury after eating alot of fish for many years. My limbs were numb and falling asleep constantly. I wasn't able to do any of the protocols but once I stayed away from fish my mercury levels naturally dropped pver time. 


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