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Friday, February 26, 2010 NicoleH_1106, Community Member, asks

Q: I dont know why my whole body is hurting and I feel tired all the time. Please help me.

I have been having morning stiffness in my back, neck, and shoulders. My shoulder hurts really bad especially at night it feels like it comes from my right shoulder blade, and it causes my arms and hands to tingle and go numb. It wakes me up everynight, allnight long. It hurts so bad, I just toss and turn all night long. I feel so tired all the time and I have no energy at all. I have a 3 year old and I am a daycare teacher, so you can understant how this is a problem. If I am doing something with my hands they tend to cramp up and hurt then go numb. My doctor said he thought it was corpal tunnel syndrome and depression that causes temporary fibromyalgia in my back and shoulders, however I do not feel comfortable with this diagnosis because he did not do any tests. I have been having this problem for about 2 and a half years, please help me. Also, I know I feel like a crazy person, with a million problems. I thought I was having acid reflux, but Im not so sure. It comes in spurts that lasts a few seconds, but they lasts for hours sometimes days. It is a terrible pain, like a really bad cramp below my chest, like around my diaphraim I guess. It hurts so bad I can barily breathe and I have to stop whatever I am doing.

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Cort, Health Guide
2/26/10 10:30pm

If your doctor is simply leaving it at depression somehow morphing into fibromyalgia and then doing nothing about it then you need to find a different doctor. Does he have you on any treatments (other than anti-depressants?). FM can be a tough disease to treat but it is treatable. The problem is that it often takes a bit of time (and work on the doctor's part) to figure out what works for you.  


Please check out the FM treatment section on Health Central. In general effective FM treatment often involves pharmaceutical drugs to help with sleep and control the pain, alternative treatments such as massage to reduce the tension in those trigger points and relaxation techniques to calm that hyper-aroused nervous system down. 


There are alot of different ways to approach FM and there are several good books on it. Good luck!

NicoleH_1106, Community Member
2/27/10 11:09am

Thank you so much for answering me. All he put me on were anti-depressants and he said to get wrists splints. I am going to call a new doctor on Monday and make an appointment. Hopefully he will figure it out.


CRegal, Editor
3/ 1/10 10:25am

Although it isn't a scientific answer, I can tell you from personal experience this sounds like when I had Lyme disease. 


For about a month straight I woke up feeling like I had gotten a really bad night's sleep - sore, tired, back, shoulders, hips, legs, arms everything hurting.  Eventually the pain got so bad in my neck that I couldn't hold a telephone becuase the slightest cocking of the head would cause crippling pain.  My doctor said he saw some swollen glands and nothing else, really, so put me on something (I don't remember what - I was only 15 years old) to calm that down.


2 days later, the Bell Paulsy showed up and the blood test confirmed it was Lyme.

NicoleH_1106, Community Member
3/ 2/10 10:49am

Oh my gosh,

What happened after that. I wonder how long you can go before going to the doctor, this has been going on for about 2 and a half years. What is Lyme disease exactly?

CRegal, Editor
3/ 2/10 11:38am

Lyme disease is... well it wasn't that bad for me.  I was sore for a month, like I said, then I got Bell's Paulsy and the left side of my face was paralyzed.  Took prednazone, took some horse pills for 30 days and was fine after that.  I haven't had any long-term effects (this was almost 10 years ago) and to be honest, I rarely think about it.  Some have had much worse experiences, but for me - it wasn't a life and death situation. 


Maybe I caught it early on - I was only suffering symptoms for a few weeks before I went to the doctor.  Quick blood test and everything indicated i had Lyme.  I can pinpoint it almost to the day, as I was conveniently in Lyme, Connecticut (...) about 2 weeks before I started feeling badly. 


And what is Lyme?  to be honest, I don't really know.  I was bit by a tick.  i got sore.  My face died.  I took pills, face came back, soreness went away.  I was 15 and naiive?


But here is the HealthCentral guide to Lyme .


I would just recommend seeing a doctor and mentioning that you should get the test done, just to be sure.  better safe than sorry.

Ozigal, Community Member
3/ 3/10 7:56am

Dear Nicole

All of your symptoms fit so well in the Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue basket. No doubt there may be other conditions that present similarly. I have FM and feel like a rusty robot for some time most days. If you look up the symptoms on this site (for chronic fatigue as well) I can see you ticking them off.


I wanted you to know that it can take some time to come to a diagnosis as there is no simple test to show you have it. I hope your new doctor is thorough and determined to find the cause. Before I was diagnosed I had ,

CT and MRI of neck

xrays of neck, spine, knees

CT of lower back

WHole body bone scan (looking at bone density)

Ultrasound of leg veins

Many blood tests

over the course of 8 months.

Why I am telling you this is that everything came back "normal" which made me very upset as I knew I wasn't.

I was then sent to an Fm specialist and took every test that had been done.

He scanned them, said it was wonderful that so much had been done then pronounced that I had Fibromyalgia.

He explained a diagnosis of FM was usually made through a process of elimination which I had undergone as well as an examination of your trigger points. So if you have tests coming back "normal" don't be concerned.

I currently take Cymbalta 90mg for my FM as well as opioids for pain, the Cymbalta is a wonderful anti-depressant as well as nerve calmer and has helped somewhat.

Chronic Fatigue seems to be linked to FM, or similar in the areas of the brain that are involved. My Specialist keeps asking if I have fatigue.

It would be wise anyway to start seeking support for yourself and toddler as life can be very difficult to juggle with many conditions, try to enlist family or church volunteers to help out where possible. I wish you all the best and hope you get some good news from your new doctor. Keep chatting to others. Your welcome to contact me if you like. Toni

NicoleH_1106, Community Member
3/ 6/10 12:04pm

Thank you so much, that was very helpfull. My sister also has fibromyalgia, so I wonder if it is genetic. I go to the doctor tuesday, so maybe i will get some answers.


Ozigal, Community Member
3/ 8/10 5:39am

Dear Nicole,

You'll see that various sites recognise the cause of FM. to be Stress, Trauma and last but not least, Genetics!

So don't be surprised if this ends up being your diagnosis.

Good luck with everything and keep chatting, you may experience many mood swings no matter the dianosis so keep in touch with support groups, they truly are invaluable.  Bye for now,   Toni

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