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Thursday, October 09, 2008 janeles50, Community Member, asks

Q: where can I buy a "bean bag"? To microwave for pain

I'm not sure what they are called. I can't remember(fibro fog) where I heard about it. I think it is a pillow filled with beans(or something similar). You put it in the microwave to make it warm, & then you can put it anywhere on your body to help with the pain. I don't have insurance-so no pain meds. I use a heating pad, but it's not flexible enough; & I need it for my back & front & limbs all at the same time. Plus it's not safe to use a heating pad in bed. Depending on the expense, I thought I could get more than one.




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Big_Chuck, Community Member
10/16/08 2:15pm

Walgreens has them,   they are are called  Bed Buddy ....

jenholly, Community Member
10/ 9/08 5:18pm

Something that I've used that is very inexpensive is just filling a tube sock with plain old white rice, then tying the end in a knot. You can microwave it (I heat it for 30 seconds, shake it, then heat it for another 30 seconds - depending on how much rice is in it). It works really well for a "cool" pack also if you freeze it. Please "splurge" and use a newer sock though, as a worn out sock may have holes big enough for the rice to fall out of. Laughing I hope this helps. I'm not sure where to find them either. Maybe a local physical therapist might have information? 

Dreamer, Community Member
10/ 9/08 9:19pm

I baught a thing that is filled with rice and you also microwave it for 30 seconds or so, it works great, I got it at Riteade, our local pharmacy.. I am sure you can find them at walmart and places like that..

Yes a sock with white rice is a great idea, just be sure it is a new sock and as thick as you can get it, the rice does get rather hot and still gets hotter after microwaving..


Good Luck

Always_in_pain, Community Member
10/10/08 4:07am

bed, bath and beyond  also peir one imports,

sethsmomlp, Community Member
10/10/08 10:23am

I have gone both ways--the tube sock with rice and I have bought one at Walgreens. I think the ones available commercially are filled with little plastic balls that are about 1/3 the size of a rice grain. My nurse practitioner preferred the tube socks with the rice because they cheap, easy to make (you can always just tie a knot in the end of the sock), and something about rice and water. Rice absorbs water or something like that which makes the tube sock MOIST heat and that is preferred also by chiropractors to electric heat.


The tube sock is difficult for me to use on my shoulders, though--my tender points are in my shoulder blades and my hips. The sock is wonderful for your neck, though.


Good luck!

Traci, Community Member
10/10/08 2:39pm

hi jane,

i know what you mean about not finding enough heat. i don't know where you live but at Ross they have the house slippers that have the heated pouches - they are great for your feet. you can also go online to the arthritis supply stores and they always have the microwaveable pouches.  one thing that really helped me - my sister gave me a twin sized electric blanket. it works really well if you are going to just be resting on the sofa or on the bed, then you can lay on top of it and cover yourself with a light blanket and that is wonderful. if you are going to be sleeping, then of course sleep under the electric blanket. my husband and i have a king size bed but the twin size is perfect for me to move all around the house from living room to bedroom and my husband gets so hot he doesn't use blankets so it works out great. you can even buy gently used ones at thrift stores or Goodwill.  my aunt and grandmother purchased heated mattress pads from jcpenney and you can actually sleep on top of them. hopefully this will give you some good ideas of staying warm, esp with winter coming up!  feel better ~ traci

sylvie_30, Community Member
11/27/08 11:33am

Try on They're portuguese. They're quite good.

I've got a bag for back pains and am quite peased.

Sandi, Community Member
8/ 1/09 12:10pm

I make them to order.Contact me on +27 082 852 2506

I'm in Port Elizabeth South Africa.


Will explain in a bit more detail when you contact

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