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Friday, May 07, 2010 clubsingr28, Community Member, asks

Q: HELP with severe pain but on Suboxone so what to take??

I was addicted to oxycontin- Taking suboxone, since 2006 but currently experiencing SEVERE R neck/shoulder blade pain. What (besides otc pain med can I take, if any?

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5/ 8/10 2:42pm

Why are you still taking Suboxone after four years? Sounds like you are addicted to Suboxone and might as well be taking OxyContin. The purpose of Suboxone is not to perpetuate addiction, it is to enable you to get off of opioids when commited to a treatment program. If you want to stop your addiction to opioids, be honest with yourself.


I suggest you contact the Here to Help program and face the dragon. Sounds like pain is the least of your problems.


Dr. Christina Lasich, MD

kjj, Community Member
6/ 4/10 2:02am

Always the same response once you admit to any doctor that your taking Suboxone. Your looked upon as a drugy & no other medical problems or severe pain you may be living with daily, doesn't matter & doesn't deserve their attention.

Doctors should realize anyone taking Suboxone has already came a long way in dealing with their problem & taking Suboxone doesn't make the medical problems & pain go away, which pain pills were being taken for before Suboxone.

In most cases of addition, it's from doctors putting patients on pain medicine for a period of time & then suddenly stopping the pain medicine.

Anyone taking Suboxone doesn't deserve to be talked down too, by doctors or anyone else & other medical problems & severe daily pain should be addressed & help given to the patient . . . so Suboxone can be stopped at some point.


onemarilynfan, Community Member
6/10/10 8:30pm

Thank you for saying this, I really appreciate  it, I was PUT ON percocet many years ago for ovarian cysts, and given them for many years, and after the surgery, they just stopped, no stopping slowly or weaning me off, JUST STOPPED, now ten years later and thousands of dollars buying them on the streets, I just started my suboxone today, I feel okay, but, boy, I miss that energy I had before, used to work 12 hours a day, today, couldn't even finish my six hour shift, is my life ever gonna be the same, will I ever smile, I was a really fun person when I was on percs, energy, always laughing, having fun, I dont even remember what kind of person I was before, what made me happy, I have a lot of REAL pain as well, but, I get the same response from doctors too, "YOURE just having withdrawals" EVEN when I was on the percs, I wasnt having withdrawals, but, since I am a DRUGGIE, Im not supposed to EVER have any REAL PAIN! 

kjj, Community Member
6/18/10 1:27am

I totally understand, I'm going through all the same & it was also my doctors who got me addicted. The Suboxone helps with the addiction problem, but I live with severe pain every day . . from the original medical problems.

Good Luck!!

Meanpeoplesuck, Community Member
11/ 2/12 4:23pm
Exatly. Even the Medina Lake professionals judge. How about ask your patient a few questions before making an assumption doc!! Reply
Meanpeoplesuck, Community Member
11/ 2/12 4:36pm
Was placed on suboxone 3 yrs ago. And now at 32mg a day. Crazy I know. Realized how crazy when I decided to stop because of Obama HITECH. Docs sharing medical history across in governed software. In other words. At any point judgement will be mde just as the doc above. Only this judgement will follow you forever in your PHI. too the docs selling out your patients for a mere 40k stimulus from the gov. hope your happy DOC. you have betrayed the trust of your patients. Or at least the ones that know. HITECH HAS MOT BEEN MADE PUBLIC. The docs that chose to sell out their patients will soon only have patients who are coveres under gov pd ins BEAT OF LUCK WITH THAT I'm taking my business to a doc. That I will have to pay cash for confidentiality. Docs that refuse can not file ins. Google HITECH EHR breech Back to my point. I decided to stop subs withdrew for 9 days and realize I was in over my head. I went to an ER for help with withdrawal. NOT FOR OPIATES. I WAS TURNED AWAY. Ended up surrendering. The withdrawal from 32mg was unbearable. Now back on stupid suboxone accept down to 12 mgranhold@gmail.com. Yeah me. Well until I broke my collar bone. Now what the heck to I do? How do I deal with the excruciating pain ? Reply
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