• Towana Moody Towana Moody
    July 10, 2012
    What can it be? Im having pain in my lower abdominal area, lower right back, under my buttocks, burning in the area next to my vagina on the right side, (groin) right hip and numbness in my right leg.
    Towana Moody Towana Moody
    July 10, 2012
    About 18 months ago I was running and did a quick left turn and felt a little pitch on the right side of my pelvic. I continued to run for 7 months and the pain got worse. During the 7 months I stop running and began to ride my bike. One day while I was riding, I hit a pot hole and the seat of the bike hit me on the outer right side area next to my vagina (groin). After the 7th month I was unable to ride my bike, run or even jog 2 steps. So I went to see my GYN and everything was normal, but the pain was still present. Ten months later I had a colonoscopy, Endoscopy, MRI of right hip, abdominal, right thigh, right groin and vagina, CT, spinal Xray, nerve and Muscles test of right leg, 3 ultrasounds, physical therapy, surgeon rule out a hernia in the abdominal area, orthopedic who order me to stretch twice a day, do yoga and water cycle for a month, 2 prescriptions of steroid and a pain specialist who ruled out a pitched nerve. I originally only had pain in the right pelvic, but then the other issues occurred. The hip, buttocks pain and numbness of the leg started 2 weeks ago. At one point I had cramping in my vagina muscle. I am unable to sit at times on the right buttock. The most painful area even with a touch is the spot next to my vagina, which I think is consider part of my groin. READ MORE



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