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Tuesday, September 01, 2009 shelsers, Community Member, asks

Q: i am on 20mg butran patch a week its morphine based think the american names are diffferent .

hi i have chronic back pain with pain radiating down both legs ,numbness,pins and needles and burnind sensation at times,not constant.i have new symptoms the last 3 weeks when i wake which is normally about 3am i have pain and burning in my knees and when i do go out which is not much as it causes me more pain i am getting pains in the top of my legs groin area as if leg is going to collapse under me,i also had an xray a few weeks ago said i have unaligned pelvic bones put on an urgent list to see surgeon found out today it wont be for months,i have an mri booked for feb but was told few weeks ago that would be put on urgent list as something serious wrong with my back and still nothing done about that either.i am on a 20mg butran patch 1 weekly, 4-5 diazipam for nerve pain in leg and 8 paracetamol.i can not take painkillers or anti-inflammitries and my gp put me on this patch to try ease the pain it has worked that i can get around do some housework,look after my baby 6 mths most of the time some times i cant lift her.i am having awful side effects off the patch,constapation got a load of medication still was only going every 3-4 days feeling sick most of the time,headaches,itchy all over given anti-histamine for that only works for a little while,upped the constapation meds when i had severe stomach pain and had oppisite effect,wasnt well for few hrs after that so lowered the dose and havnt went in few days have upped the dose again,he gave me stronger sachets to take for this but it has a lot of side effects,and with all im suffering didnt want to add more.i also have urinary retention not a infestion i can go but it can take ages even if my bladder feels full,dont know if this is from meds or back problems.the worse effect is that i wake every morning between 3-4 and canot get back to sleep so im only getting about 4 hrs sleep a night tried going to bed earlier i just wake earlier and same with later.most mornings i wake in agony and cant sit up i have to roll on to the floor and get up on my knees.i dont know if i should come off these meds they are helping before them i could barely walk and there nothing else i can take.i feel as if im falling asunder any help would be gratefully received.wishing ye well shelsers

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Zaksmum, Community Member
11/ 3/09 5:43pm

I sufer from all the sympton you have listed but mostley down right leg have had an x ray and mri my hips are not in line and i have been measured for a special chair, I have a herniated disk causung all this pain as it is at the exit of the nerves been on different pain patches but BiTrans seem to work best along with codridamal.

laura, Community Member
4/28/11 10:52am

I haven't started my 5mcg patch yet but I understand your pain, I have fibromylasia and I have trouble sleeping/or wake up from the pain, you should ask your gp maybe you have it too

Polly54, Community Member
6/15/11 12:21pm

I was diagnosed with FB last year - though not convinced I have it as I am not suffering too badly.

Doctor put me on Amitriptyline,  usually given for depression, but studies have shown that FM sufferers do well on this, I only have 10mg at night and sleep like a baby, before that I could not sleep, was in pain all the time.  Now I wake up refreshed and this has made my life so much better.  Go to the Doctors and get some !!  Good Luck  Polly54

Polly54, Community Member
6/15/11 12:16pm

Was looking for information on BuTran5 which I have been on for a few weeks, just wondering what other meds I can take  alongside wearing these patches, and fell on this webpage.  I read your story with interest as I can relate to it.  I have been suffering with pain for nearly 10 years now, I have always suffered with backache so it was assumed that I had a back problem and I believed this to be the case.  I have had several MRI scans that only show normal wear and tear for my age (now 54).  Had knees Xrays as they hurt too, but nothing out of the ordinary showed up on these xrays. I have had facet joints in my back injected (very painful) and I was advised by one specialist to have my spine fused - which I would not have done - they very thought makes me feel worse than ever.  April I decided that I needed a hip xray, so I asked my Doctor to refer me, he asked why I thought I needed one and I simply said 'because my hip and groin hurt & I have had everything else xrayed and nothing has been found to be wrong' so he did, I had the xray the same day and within a week the results from the Xray were back with my Doctor.  I was shocked to hear that the xrays showed that my left hip was in such a bad way that I would need a total hip replacement, then he said 'But you won't get one - you are too young!  Double wammy - you need one yet you cannot have one - where is the logic in that.  Within 4 weeks I saw the Specialist, and he asked how I was, I said 'in pain' but I want you to understand that I have a confirmed back problem - and he said 'You have a back problem because you have a hip problem'.  All this suffering I have been through, why did someone not make the connection sooner, cos looking at the xrays this hip problem is not new, I have no cartlidge between the socket and ball, and the specialist said if I was not so skinny I would have been bedbound by now.  It would appear that a Groin pain is a good indicator to have hip problems.  So I am having my surgery 19th July - see you cannot trust your Doctors- there was no question about me having this Op - the Surgeon said there is no other choice - whilst I an scared, I cannot wait to be pain free for the first time in a Century.  Get your hips checked out !!  

Still wondering what to take with these Butran5 patches, and Yes I have found them to only work for 5 days and not the stated 7 days, Day 6 was crippled and could not walk, so I change them every 5 days now - not pain free yet - but one day soon I hope.  I hope that all you suffers out them get a diagnose to your problems - keep pestering the Doctors until you are pain free - Good Luck  Polly54

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