• PainBack07Aust September 15, 2011
    September 15, 2011

    Yes, all the time, I have sciatica in both legs and if I sit in one place for to long, my, buttock, legs and souls of my feet really start achking and hurting.


    I have wide spread Neuropathy, and damage to my upper and lower spine, my lower bowel does not function, i have trouble with pain even when my skin comes into contact with anything that is cold.  I have to be very careful, not to burn myself while taking a shower or even washing my hands.  I also have lots of trouble with the nerves that are connected to my teeth, as since I have been on manny perscribed medications, my constant dry mouth is roting my teeth from the inside out.  I am not looking forward to the day where I can no longer tolorate cold drinks or food, this would be almost like the last straw for me.


    I am unsure if U have access to a heated swimming pool, but daily exersise in the warm water may help, and the use of heat packs.



    PB07Au :| Good Luck we all need just a little! 

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