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Friday, April 10, 2009 SusanM, Community Member, asks

Q: I have recently been prescribed "Opana"

I have been on so many different meds. Last week it was 15mg of Morphine Sul. 3 x a day. This week I am to try Opana 3 times a day. Nothing is working well as I am still in pain. I have had two neuro stimulators implanted but no luck with them for my head. Does anyone else have trouble like this?


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Karen Lee Richards, Health Guide
4/14/09 4:52am

I hear from lots of people who are having trouble finding a pain medication that works.  You said that the neurostimulators didn't work for your head.  I'm not sure if you mean you're having headaches or Migraines that you're trying to treat with the medications.  If so, that may be part of your problem.  Regular use of opioid medications can actually cause rebound headaches or transformed Migraines.  There are other, more effective treatments, for these types of head pain.  If headaches and/or Migraines are part of your problem, I'd recommend you visit our sister site,  You'll find a tremendous amount of good information there and they will be able to answer your treatment-related questions. 

mysticcherokee, Community Member
4/18/09 11:09am

Ive been taking hydro 10/650 for several years and was maxed out at one 6x day for fms.  It really stopped working 2 years ago, cause I think my pcp doesnt believe in fms or cfs, and i have both.  Maybe its just conveinient since its a va dr and te fms started with a service related injury that i have never received disability for (tho i have submitted several claims) for but i do get free health care.  u get what u pay for.  im a Patriotriotic woman, unequalled, but the va med system is too overburdened.  Oft times they do more harm than good.  Any hoo sorry, last week after 30 years I finally with my new health insurance (two years old) made an appt with a pain mgmnt dr, who started me on three new meds at once.  Word to the wise I/he was stupid for letting this happen.  One med was Opana er 10 mg 2x day.  Feels like a placebo to me, nada, zilch, nothing.  I see forums where people (even druggies) rave about this being the new wonder drug.  jmo  Hope you have better luck than me.  Good luck with yer pain.  Sincerely,  Mysticcherokee

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